Low Tec Diy Clone Box

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  1. Hello blades, for people that don't have a cloner, just want to try cloning, or are on a budget you may want to try this. I did this one handed. I have a broken hand. The clones are 4 days old and not drooping much. 1370024424955.jpg 1370024437268.jpg 1370024451933.jpg

    --small cardbord box/bookbox
    --Spray bottle
    --23Watt daylight spiral CFL
    --Reflector+socket(wallmart $10)
    --Tin foil
    --I use the reflective duct tape but it's expensive. you may want to find a cheaper alternative that will resist water.


    --Put box together( I tape the top flaps down the side. You can tape them straight up for taller cloning.)
    --Make sure the bottom of the box(the part you sealed with tape)will support some clones.
    --Line the intire inside with unwrinkled tin foil (put the dull side tord the box's wall
    Seal all the seems with tape that can resist water
    --use clingwrap to keep the moisture in the box
    --Put clones in
    --Clip light on the top edge of box and plug in
    --Use spray bottle when needed(don't over moisturize)

    I open a corner of the clingwrap a few times a day and blow air with my mouth on them, then i close it back up. Remember to water clones lightly when needed.

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  2. If any one has any other low tec diy clone boxes post it on here

    Ill be back in an hour or so
    I'm going to where the pretty flowers grow


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