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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bubonicplague, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. Ok

    i am going to be growing some bagseed as my first grow

    im growing in a box under 4 100w cfls

    its about a 15-16 inch deep container

    i am going to not veg at all

    12/12 from seed

    and i was wondering with no veg and LOTS of lsting

    is it even possible to grow in a box like this or will i Need to get another box and put it on top

    thanks again

    -- the bubonic plauge
  2. bump

    come on people...
  3. Is it possible to grow in a box like that? Yes.

    Will you grow anything in that box and with the plan you describe that is worth the effort? Not by a long shot IMO.

    You say 100w CFLs -- is that actual or "equivalent" watts?
  4. i have 4 100w equvliant bulbs

    2 warm 2 medium warm

    just want 1 or two plants to grow in it...

    flowering from start

    edit: i dont care how much i get personally i would be happy with less then a half ounce from each plant this is just a test so i can get the general idea....

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