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  1. Hi everyone,I'm a newby and opinions greatly appreciated.I've got a lowryder amnesia haze.It's 56 days old and only 1ft' 2" tall.I'm not sure how tall under ideal conditions?.I've got about 15 budsites like small pompoms,but they are only say 1/2p circular,I'm not sure what size they should be at this stage.I'm using organic mix in soil and I've seen no vitamin deficiency.I also got my cordless drill,and drilled 2 holes a couple of millimeters apart in the upper edge of my plantpot.I threaded some 3 core wire which I'd separated from an old electrical cord,threaded one end through from the outside of the pot,back and around a branch,then pulled gently both ends now threaded into the pot,pulling and opening up the canopy in the hope of letting more light through.I worked my way around the pot,separating the bunching up branches.I also trimmed a few larger fan leaves after 40 days and any large leaves obscuring light from penetrating along the way?.Can anyone give an indication of bud size expectation at staggered weeks.There's loads of good photos on here,but without a size comparison,it's difficult to know how big things are.Am I beating myself up too much,or should I have expected a great deal more height?.Will I see a big change in bud size within the next 2-4 weeks.I'm on my first experiment and love it.It's amnesia haze auto Cheers
  2. can you post some pictures? it will be a lot easier to answer your questions
  3. I'll try working out how to post a pic on here,thanks for your reply mate

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