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  1. In the past grows I did topping, lollipopping, and defloration. This grow I want to top and lst. My question is do I leave the branches tied down during the two week stretch?

  2. As opposed to what??
  3. What is the two week stretch?
    I top my plant early and do a 4 way LST as soon as the new branches are just long enough to start training.  I Work the branches to the edge of the bucket and then spiral them around the rim all the way up till the plant is budding and growth has slowed.
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    The two week stretch is after  I flip the lights to 12/12. I want to tie down the taller branches during veg. I was just wondering if I untie them when I switch to flowering. Sorry, I have ocpd which causes me to overthink the simple things in life that I do.
  5. I untie mine when I put them into flower. By that time they have shaped themselves.
  6. Thank You.
  7. As long as they are growing, I keep training.  Training slows down the top growth and increases lower growth.  The goal is to keep the plant as short and wide as possible.  It gives tighter top cola buds and allows to plant better light.  Especially when using CFL which needs to be kept very close.
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    This does make sense to me and its what I'm  trying to accomplish. I"ll  tie down what I need after the stretch. I'm growing Sannies mad kush {indica }  so they shouldn"t stretch bad during 12/12. Thank you for responding.
  9. Hi zapperman

    How was the grow , I have sannies mad kush aswell , At around a month old haven't topped or trained ( my first grow ) was thinking of LSt , how was your yield ? Would you suggest LSt for this indica strain ?
    Have so much to still learn , please assist ?
    Regards moe

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