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  1. Hello everyone! Second grow here! I am still very very new obviously and was checking in to see if more people wanted to follow along! I don't know if posting this is poor forum educate, but i still don't know much and would like some more eyes.. sue me ;)

    Anyways I have this pretty interesting mutant plant!
    So far, so fun.

    Thanks for lookin :thankyou:
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  2. Cant you do both? Does super cropping take longer to flip into flower due to the extended period of recovery? Your plant looks amazing! When i thought of super cropping i viewed it as just a way to keep your bud sites even with a trellis net lol. I guess I'm a little ignorant. Would you just snap the stem in the same way as if i were to LST? Thanks homie
  3. Supercropping is overnight recovery. It's called a high stress training method but cannabis responds well to stress. It can also increase the potency from the stress as well as being a great training method.

    What is easier then low stress training is that uses all tie downs and with supercropping you mostly don't have to tie the plant down at all. I don't have any on mine. Just give them good 90 degree bend/creases and keep bending them down if they fight it until they heal. Some strains you have to bend the same branch a few times. You have to move to a different spot because the crease heals hard as a rock and you can't bend it there after it heals. You move up the stem a little if you have a problem training plant but most are really easy and take little effort.

    It just takes a careful eye and strong hands to tweak the branches the right way.
  4. Cannabis is also probably the most resistant to dying from breakage on branches I've ever seen. Just keep tape handy. If you break a branch tape it up and it will survive. Another grower I've showed supercropping uses needle nose pliers with the jaws padded with vinyl hose. He likes it better then pinching with his fingers. I do tile for a living and I have good grip strength.
  5. Damn man you got me contemplating my whole grow :biggrin: I think tomorrow I'm going to super crop one of my plants and LST the other two. I have 4 total but the one is a mutant and is doing its own thing as you can see. You think i should just quit being a douche and super crop all of the plants? Its still my first REAL grow and i was kind of excited to learn how to LST... Lmao
  6. Try it out and you'll love the way they look the next day. They look a mess when you first do it but the recovery is quick and suddenly you have complete control of the plant's shape once you learn it.
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  7. Yeah I've broken a plant before and it was hanging by a thread. I taped it up and in a week or so it was as good as new lol. Ive super cropped before.. but only to keep my plants even with the trellis
  8. Dude that stem is a fucking monster. How long did your plant take to grow like that? From seed or clone? Sorry for bombarding you with questions but jeeesussss am i jealous of that plant lol.
  9. If you devote your training to just bending branches and not topping at all whether you use supercropping or low stress training the plant vegges way faster when you don't top it at all. The bending over of the main stem creates so many tops you have to remove a full garbage bag before flower to thin it out. There's no need to top. I top when I want to slow a plant down. My leaf/top removal comes from the bottom up. You remove parts of the plant not getting enough light and leave the top canopy alone for the most part. If you need to thin it out remove stretchy tops that are reaching up from the bottom instead of the strong top growth.
  10. That is my first revegged plant. That's why the stem looks like that. It's 2 grows old. I vegged it for 3 months the 2nd time around but the first time I harvested it I chopped it down to almost nothing and it took forever to recover. The stem looks like a shovel handle. I'm drying it out in the front yard.
  11. I topped my last grow and i don't want to ever do that again lol. So i feel you on that. I am probably going to just super crop them all tomorrow lol. Ive heard of people actually splitting the stem a little bit to strengthen it up. Like on a topped plant or whatever to lightly split it and zip tie it together. Or whichever way you choose. Thanks for the info dude. I Know i said id super crop them all but i might do two out of 3 so i have my own little experiment.

    I always thought that if you can get your stem looking like that, than you're a beast grower. Hopefully i do something like that one day lol
  12. Im interested to know what the yield of that bad boy is.. i have 2 96 elites for my grow. i see you have a couple in there too.
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  13. Splitting the stem is the same type of stress that supercropping creates. No need to do that if you crease the branches all over.

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