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Low smell, short, fast flowering, autoflowering strain

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by Greenant, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. Hello friends,

    I'll be honest, this will be my first grow, and all I've really done is a lot of online research.

    I've read tons of forum topics with similar subjects, but have never read a definitive answer.
    They all seem to agree that you should stay away from strains diesel, skunk, and cheese. But strains like northern lights or cinderella99 are better.

    I'd really prefer an autoflower, just because they don't require as much work and usually grow a lot faster, but most important is the smell, I'm open if you have any suggestions!

    Also which smells more sativa or indica? which would be better for a discrete operation? (i prefer sativas, but both are weed)

    Also, price is pretty important too. I don't have much money! Less than $50.

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the help.
  2. Of all the auto strains i've grown, ShortStuff#1 is by far the stealthiest. Very short plant, VERY low odor and very cheap seeds. not the most potent genetics by far, but if your after stealth, you cant get to choosy. You can get them from Discount cannabis seeds - marijuana (weed) seeds
  3. Thanks for the quick reply pgrowsoul, have you had good experiences with dope-seeds? I was planning on buying from Attitude, but they don't have short stuff #1. They have others like Russian Rocket Fuel and Blue Himalaya, bud idk if those ones stink or not. Does dope-seeds ship to the U.S. stealthily and quickly?
  4. If you're going with Attitude then Lowryder 2 would be your best bet. They really are low odor and stay very short (mostly dependent on how big the pot is and some other variables) but not over 14". Seeds are kind of pricy though, but will pay for itself if you end up making some of your own seeds.

  5. i bought the blue himalaya diesel by short stuff, im growing it in late april after my bagseed grow. I talked to a guy who grew it and he said 8 weeks from seed, short, and the smell isnt that strong but it smells and taste like blueberries. Good luck.
  6. Northern Lights #1 is a good bet. Most Indica cup winners are just a sub-strain of NL.
  7. nirvana blue mystic
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    the reality is this.

    any small, autoflowering, feminized plant is going to produce a shoddy yeild of less than quality bud. i would stay away from anything with rider in the name, i burned myself for 5 months trying to perpetually harvest lowrider. stick with plants that dont have ruderalis stock in them. auto-flowers are okay, but i prefer just feminised seeds, there's very little to go wrong.

    if height is an issue you should research LST (low stress tolerance), you can get a bigger yield from a smaller plant (height-wise) by growing the stem horizontally.
    but regardless of most genetics, plants will grow as fast as you allow them to( the environment is crucial). relying on genetics for such things is a recipe for disaster. any plant can be made to grow short, almost any plant can be made to grow fast. growing is, and should be time consuming, fun, educational, and work. do not plan to not be working all the time with your plants. its like parenting, when the kids are awake (the lights are on), its a full time gig.

    also weed is pungent, if a tiny bag of dried stuff can make your room smell, imagine what a living breathing plant will do. if youre growing indoors you'll already need ventilation, so that will take care of the smell, mostly. but be aware, if you live with your parents or anyone else who doesnt want you growing weed, they will know as soon as that plant gets big. i grow in my attic, and you can smell weed all through the house, of course theres a difference between 20 plants and a single plant, but they will still smell, its a fact.

    on a side note, with less than 50$ how do you plan on purchasing things such as lights, nutes, and the materials for the grow.

    if your tight on money, and this is your first time try to grow some bagseed. my first years growing were only done with bagseed, and the plants were just as pretty and high yielding as some pics you see on the seedbank. just because the bagweed is brown and bricked doesnt mean that's how the plants grows.


    but to answer your question simply, the least smelly weed i ever grew was chemdog (chemdawg?). a friend was cossing chemdog with jack herrer two years ago and passed a few seeds my way i only ended up with one female chemdog plant, but it grew in hydro, under 400w hps and smelled like lipton iced tea, now im done
  9. I think that you should head over to Nirvana seeds. They have a few of their most popular strains as an autoflower variety now (for the same price).

    They even have an autoflowering Northern Lights which I think would be perfect for you.

    Fat E
  10. I've been gathering information for my first grow for some weeks now, and it sound like you and me are after somethingsimillar Greenat. If you're doing what I'm doing, then it's going to be a single plant, stealth op? The best I've found is LowRyder2, which has some recommended by most, provided you don't mind a low yield. This is just from my research- I have NOT tried it myself (yet)! From the same site, a selection of low odour seeds. Duban poison is also recommended by many, but as it's a Sativa it will be quite a big bastard. However, I have heard a few people say that you can get around this by using a bonsai method.

    To do this, you cut the plant above its first set of leaves. This should result in the plant growing two new stems, when they develop leaves you can cut above them and so on and so forth. In this way you can make the plant gro out rather than up. Again, I can't vouch for the effectivness of this tactic, but one would assume if you take it too far your plant will fall over.
  11. your gonna get answers from every which way when you ask questions about which strain to buy. Id say try an auto kush

    you can buy from here very discreet and fast and used by many on the forum and me also cheaper as you will see Marijuana Seeds - Worldwide Marijuana Seeds
    try growing outside, sunlight is free!

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