Low Ryder just a waste of energy?

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  1. So I haven't been to interested in Low Ryders till recently.

    I already knew that it has a very short flowering time, from 5-8 weeks, depending what seed company its from and strains it is crossed with...

    Now taking into perspective that everyone loves low ryder for its low height and auto-flowering. Seeing how it goes into flowering even without 12 hours of light, does everyone really just leave it in the 24 hours of light time schedule all throughout flowering? If so, why? Because it makes it flower faster or what?

    I'm only asking cause it seems like (to me) it's just the same as any other short flowering strain, except for the fact that it goes into flowering around one foot tall regardless of the light schedule. Cause you can easily grow a strain that has a short flowering period around 6-8 weeks, and put it into 12 hours of light at a young age, with a height of around 12-15" tall, and be cutting back on 8-12 hours of energy a day; and still finish with a yield the same or more then lowryder. And you would have more freedom with picking strains as well, it would just have to be of the low ryder category.

    So what I'm getting at is.... am i wrong, or does Low Ryder just seem like more of a strain for beginners, people looking to not have to worry so much about their grow, and people that don't want to deal with anything/noobs/etc? And that it would be just as easy for an experienced grower to grow a normal short flowering plant, that doesn't automatically start at a specified height?

    Take for example New Purple Power from Nirvana Seeds. It has a flowering period of 7-8 weeks.... Couldn't someone just easily veg. it till a height of 13-15" and then put it in 12hours of light and be saving more electricity, and get nearly the same results as the low ryder? Or would it not have normal potency because of its short vegging time?

    I'm not really a noob, its just I have never tried growing Low Ryders, I've always been a fan of tall, thin leaved, long-spaced inter-nodal, SATIVAS. Even a few indica's that have longer periods of flowering. I've grown Neville's Haze many times, and a few times kept them around 12" tall using LST (probably were 20" tall without LST) and it all went well, getting about an ounce from each of the 4 plants. But it did take well over 15 weeks flowering time total.... SO I'm ready to try something new.... but dont feel like messing around to much.

    So to sum it all up, I'm just trying to figure out if it will be possible to have just as much success with some short flowering indica as with a lowryder... i dont want to go through all the work and finally after harvesting and allowing a month to cure find that they are half as potent as Low Ryders, and get me as high as swag..

    Any input is greatly appreciated, and i promise once i have this figured out i will create a new grow log and show what exactly my experiment/stealth grow is.
    Thanks GC!
  2. IMO, Low Ryder is for people who want to grow in a PC case, a drawer, under a bed, some other ridiculously small space and then don't mind ending up with just a few joints for their efforts. I think low height is the main appeal, I don't even think the auto-flowering is considered much of a benefit per se.

    The high is weak -- the auto-flowering trait comes from cross-breeding with ruderalis which has very little THC.

    If you have the space definitely grow something with lineage only from indica and/or sativa.
  3. Hmm yeah i forgot about that, i remember reading aobut that a longg while ago about it being part ruderalis , just some advice a friend told me got me confused.
  4. My friend grows Lowryders. It wasn't because he was trying to hide them or anything, it's that he couldn't get a spot to grow his plants in his house and do 12/12 properly. He has to plant like 20 at a time and then weed out the females. He gets like 7-9 grams or so of bud from each plant, real fluffy. He grows them using some random offbrand organic nutes. The bud tastes fresh, like it was harvested the day before. It's a heady high, you won't get tired like other pot, although it's not as strong as some other dank. I'd rank it beasters.

    Overall I don't think it's worth it. My friend's just started to grow using 12/12 (he found a spot lol) and grew some dank ass Northern Lights (fcking best smoke i've had in a really long time) and harvested like an ounce from 1 plant. lol
  5. Eh, if it was cheaper i'd try it. For now i'd rather grow the speed queens I picked up for $30 :) would be fun to try that stuff.
  6. I grew lowrder2 complete waste in my opinion, best plant yield was 5 gms poor smoke, for the sake of 3-4 extra weeks might as well wait and get a good yield and a kick ass smoke!
  7. I'll be turning the basement of my townhouse into a growroom. Then ima have a couple boxes around the house (in the addict, closets) and Im thinking i'll give lowryder a try for those

    does anyone know whats the most you can stress a lowryder to yield?
  8. Are those short?
  9. Lowryder can be okay in certain situations. You can get multiple harvests per year growing outside. It's not something I would grow unless I had no other options. A good indica can be kept very small and have better yields and potency in only a couple of weeks more than LR would take.

    Yes Speed Queen is a short and chunky plant and very good smoke. One of my favorites.

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