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    Can anyone tell me if these Low Ryder 2 plants that are going onto 4 1/2 weeks looks normal?? I bought some feminised LR2's and I have planted them all. It's my first time growing ever so any feed back will be helpful. These particular 2 are being grown in a 10 gallon pot.

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  2. You say "this one" but there are two in that pot. and they are extremely close. You should have them spaced at a couple of feet

    If I were to guess the age of the big one I'd say 3 weeks, so it's not far off. Are they showing pistils yet? That's usually a good indicator of 3 weeks
  3. They look really small to me. It might just be the angle....
  4. So they're to close together even though they are both LR2's?? I watched a video of a guy growing 6 LR2 in a smaller pot than mine. As for the age, it's been 5 weeks and a couple days.

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  5. Could be but i would think harvest should be like a 3-4 weeks. I could be wrong.
  6. How did that work out for him? LR2s can grow to a couple of feet wide, how will that work when they're just a few inches apart?

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