low pressure sodium street lamps

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by stoned bush, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. hi guys just found a streetlamp its got all the doings for a lo power setup for the greenery
    got ballast relay and cap thingy all in its lampbox
    hunted for some info on net and found this link says that the lamp is high in the yellow/orange spectrum at so many nm s
    wavelenth check it out a good source for info anyway

    http://www.lamptech.co.uk/Documents/SO1 Introduction.htm
    good luck and merry xmas
  2. heres wot it looks like its a big thing
    biggers better eh

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  3. heres wot the grow room looks like now
    i been busy this eve


    an sox plus 90w lps and two flouro 100w equivelent

    two of the sox plus would be ideal i think

    wot u pro s think ?????? have u ever tried this kind ???

    well time to chill and have a well deserved spliff and a cuppa

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  4. note the funny lines on the pic??????
    is it ma camera or maybye its the waves from the nm s
    coz its all to do with wavelenths too ya know

    i know that coz i am a radio ham and do all that radiowaves + nanowave stuff
    so theres a question for the professors amoung us all haha

    probably ma cam
    anyway the plant seems to enjoy it

    she be thinkin wow we moved to oz for summer haha

    peace man i gotta chill

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  5. guys read some of the stuff on this site a great help for getting the rite lites for ur growbox/room/warehouse ha i wish
    but read it its good info

    u dont have to read it all but read some ur not doing anythin else anyway r u

  6. i dunno if thats gonna work... awful big bulb for a 90w... but hell, give it a try...
  7. well we try it anyway it was free :)
    but hey man its like looking at the sun wi binoculars when u open the door of the room and hey its like sitting outside but inside ha man im stoned
    chill guys
  8. well ma lites been doing its stuff plant has plenty of thc crystals on the leaves and smells really pongy
    the way it should so heres hopin were all smokin
    will post any further developments when and if they happen

    soon i hope im dying to c if its anygood
  9. you may have found another good growing lamp... but just cause its really bright doesnt mean its any good... a mercury vapor light will be very bright aswell, but wont grow a plant..

    good luck with the LPS ;)
  10. Looks like a real lps to me. They're only little more in-efficient as hps. 90 Watt plus the cf's must be ok for your setup. Maybe you might want to make some kind of reflector for the LPS?
  11. well thnx guys it seems ok so far o maybe invented some thing new haha well on the lite cover i have aluminium sheet on top for the lite to reflect but havnt got round to putting some tinfoil round the sides yet been too stoned ha
    but its just nice not too hot but just enough to keep it cozy coz were getting snow over here in uk
    keep our fingers crossed its gonna be good failing that i have a couple o hps lamps coming soon so they should be ok

    peace man and stay chilled cool but not freezin

    cheers paddy merry xmass
  12. :hello:forgot to say guys that that large lps lite workd well it was my first success in growing a budding plant we were real stoned and njoyed every day at work haha these dayz the greenstuff roolzzz now

    <<<<<<<<<<< KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GUYS TA MUCH >>>>>>>>>>
  13. lmao... a 7 year bump :smoking:
  14. just a thought, but it seems that the high vs low pressure sodium lamps in the size. with a larger tube, the LPS could be filled with the same amount (by weight) of inert gas as a comparable HPS bulb with (hence, low pressure) a lower internal pressure pushing out on the bulb. my guess is that this lead to lower manufacturing expenses per bulb.

    I'm just spitballing, though
  15. Low pressure sodium lamps are nearly useless for growing. Their emission is almost completely yellow, which is a low PAR wavelength range. High pressure sodium lamps have a broader spectrum extending down into reds in the high PAR range, which is why they work well.

    It'll do something, but the fluorescents are doing most of the growing in your setup.

    Also, low pressure sodium lights emit more lumens/watt than high-pressure sodium. Yellow is rated very favorably by the lumens scale... which is why it's not a very good scale to use for grow lights.

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