Low pressure carbon air filter?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by remorse, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. Hey all, I'm having a bit of a problem with my ventilation system. I'm doing a stealth grow in a box in my closet.

    Anyhow, things were going well until one of the plants started smelling up my room. Nothing too powerful yet, but it's not even 3 weeks old, and it seems to be getting worse. I built a little carbon scrubber out of a soda cup based on ideas I saw here and on OG. See the masterpiece attatched below.

    Problem is, the 36CFM 80mm computer fan in the box isn't powerful enough to push much air through the filter. Most of it actually seems to bounce back through the vent hose, which creates a nice breeze on the plants, but that's not what I was shooting for ;) Lack of ventilation is also driving up the temperature in the box. The problem isn't really the amount of carbon, changing that doesn't produce much more air flow. The fan's just too weak, or the cup filter is too restrictive.

    I was wondering if anyone here with stealth/closet experience has found a way to build a carbon filter that doesn't need a real air blower or other high-powered air pump. If all else fails, I guess I'll just buy a bunch of air fresheners.. ugh, I really hate the smell of most of those :D

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  2. HIGH All, I don't grow in my closet....but you do need a more powerfull fan.

    Here's a writeup by gr0wer
  3. as lon as its not bigger then a 150w, you might get by with one 80mm fan on 12v.

    I have an idea build a mini one of these. About 1' long an dhook it up. i boult one this weekend with soem friends for a setup ther ebuilding with me and alltogether it was $120.. but we boughta $25 6" fan, and 2x 6-4" adapters because we were using the 6" fan with 4" ducting. And i oped to use a $10 3m a/c filter because it will last 3 years, is washable, and filters out allot of the crap that would otherwise get cought i the carbon causing you to change it ($$). Also weacidently bought a 20ft section of ducting when we only wanted the 6' one. and we bought a large thi8ng of screen when you will only need a lil one. You could make one for about $50 or less as the post says if your using a comp fan and its a small filter.

  4. Thanks for the link, gr0wer -- I guess cylinder-inside-cylinder is the way to go. That would create more surface area for the air to escape = lower pressure. I've got a bunch of window screen available, I'll see if I can't work with that off the ideas from that page.

  5. Use a window screen with a soda bottle bottom at the bottom and the top section of the bottle at the top but cut off the top so your fan gets glued onto the soda bottle top.....wait here I drew it :D

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