Low PH Problems. Urgent Help needed.

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Bigbudblazer, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. So I've been having lots of problems with my plants which what looked like was a nitrogen and calcium deficiency (yellow and browning of lower leaves strarting at tips working toward the inner leaf and progressing upward of the plant), However despite the actions I have taken to fix the N and Ca deficienies nothing has worked,

    So I decided to test my PH...Came out below 6.0, Not sure how much below, I have a dirtcheap PH measurer from walmart, and I do have PH Up and Ph Down. So I started adding PH UP to my water which is naturally around 7.0 to try and get my PH up, I flushed my 6inch pots (Not sure what size per say liquid volume) with around 1.5 to 2gals a piece then took a another test, STILL below 6.0, showed very little signs of improvement.

    What should I do ? I didn't even get the PH down so I didn't know if I should have added half or quarter strength fert to my last gallon I flushed with. Both of my plants are looking pretty grim and I really want to get this PH problem out of the way. This is my first grow so I've made some mistakes but I want to pull this off. Any help would be great.

    PS I've been using the Miracle Gro Organic Soil and Peters 24 8 16 Fert. I have heard through the grapevine that this MG Organic soil has been known to cause very low PH problems, However I didn't hear this til it was too late and my plants had already been transplanted into this soil.
  2. Well, I just finished trying to lower the PH with hardly any result, but considering how my ph test kit only goes down to 6.0, they could've been very low, in the 4~s or something and maybe increased some, I don't see how it could have not consdiering I majorly flushed them with water with a Ph from 7-8.0, then finshed off with a good amount of half strength Peters 24 8 16. So I guess this is either hit or miss, I think the procedures I took will either kill them from overwatering and no improvement in PH, or it will save them and raise the PH dramatically, I guess time will tell.

    This is my first grow, and this was with bagseed so no frets if they were to die, I'd just start over with my newly acquired knowledge and do everything right this time. However I would still appreciate any feedback I can get.
  3. since you are having issues correcting the PH & you are using the worst brand soil IMO

    I would go straight to transplant to some good soil try Black gold or Fox Farms
  4. I'd heard people say that MG ORGANIC soil was ok, compared to MG regular potting soil, but Yes, I still wanted to stray from using MG. However since this was my first grow from bagseed I decided to take it easy on the cash flow until I had seen some results. However I do plan to end this soon, and start all over with some good quality seeds from a seedbank and get some new potting soil.

    I want to find Foxfarm soil but can not find it locally, what website does everyone recommend one purchase products like this from ? I also need a good PH meter, that isn't $200, or even $100 at that.

    I'm hoping this serious PH problem is the only problem I've had with my plants, I don't havea camera, but does from the sounds of my description seem like it could have all been caused from Ph problems, and slight overnuting (1st timer overreaction) ? The symptoms were: Browning spots and yellow on tips of leaves. The tips started turning yellow, and brown, even black, then started working way toward inside of leaf and all the way up top to the stem and then the leaf would die, and fall off. However all of the new growth is bright green and seems to be doing great. Any ideas ?
  5. Yep! Sounds like a classical case of overnuting.
    And I'm betting you are overwatering them as well.
    Most 1st timers make these mistakes. Listen to GG.

    I second this motion.
    Transplant preferred, I'm no fan of flushing with soil problems like that.
  6. Damnit! I told myself I wouldn't fall prey to these newbie mistakes after reading about them so many times, now I guess I needed to hear it more haha. I JUST repotted with the same damn soil like two days ago but I will order some new soil and go get some new clean pots and transplant.

    I've only been watering till I can see a considerable drain from the bottom holes ( I do have good drainage, probably 1:4 , pearlite to soil.), Should I water very little at a time and wait for just a couple of drops of drainage water out of the bottom ?

    Well like I asked for before could anyone recommend a good website to order some Foxfarm soil off of ? what type of Foxfarm soil do you guys like the best ? Actually I wouldn't know if there were more than one kind because I haven't been able to find any.

    EDIT: By the way, Thanks for your help guys.
  7. google is your friend
  8. Yes, GG, I'm aware. So I take it the Foxfarms Ocean Forest Soil is the one I want to go with ?

    Also I've wanted to get a better ph meter, Is there any recommended brand that you guys prefer ? And do the pens which range around $50-80 give good readings or are they faulty and unstable too ( In comparison to my shit water/color test) ?

    And to GG, your webpage is very helpful, a wealth of information.

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