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Low (or no) smell cannabutter!

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by YourAverageToke, Nov 30, 2011.

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    Not gonna make this some comprehensive `how-to`for making cannabutter, just thought i should get the info out there for those who don't know.

    What you'll need:

    1- pot or deep pan
    2- ziplock bags

    Now obviously you can make your own decisions on the butter to herb ratio, but i like to use a 1/4 oz for a stick of butter (about 1/4 lb)

    First off, put water in your pot or pan, and bring it to a boil

    Next, put your butter and weed in one bag. Try and keep it in the middle of the bag, as we want to have the corners elevated. Now seal the bag, and put it in the other bag, corners facing up to avoid leakage.

    I would also recommend squeezing air out of the inner bag, while leaving air in the outer, as this will let it float on the water as opposed to just sinking in. Place it properly and the corners will stay out of the water, meaning none will get in.

    Now that we've minimized the chance of water leaking in, put your bag-in-a-bag in the pot. the heat from the water will melt the butter and keep it melted. Leave it in at a low boil for 1-2 hours, checking it occasionally.

    Your butter will be a nice green colour when it's done.

    Now, you can leave the bud in, or you can use a coffee filter to strain it out, as per normal.

    I used this method and didn't notice any smell, although i did it in a small batch.

    Enjoy blades :smoke:

    *DISCLAIMER* Dont come bitching if there ends up being smell and you get in shit. If you're getting in shit, you probably shouldn't be doing it anyways.
  2. Would this work for brownies? I have 4 hours and wanna make brownies. Should I do this?
  3. Also do I keep it for a boil while the bag is in there for 1-2 hours or what?
  4. Yes, keep it boiling, otherwise your water (and thus the butter) will cool off. The butter doesn't dissolve the THC as well/quickly when it's cold.

    But it would work just fine for brownies, yeah. it's no different from any other butter
  5. ANd right after taking it out of the bag can i put in brownie mix ans cook brownies?
  6. yeah, just use it like it was melted butter.
  7. Its not a particularly great idea to have plastic near hot or boiling water. It will release harmful chemicals.
  8. could this idea be changed from a plastic bag to a mason jar, similar to canning?
  9. Ziplock bags are NOT meant for cooking!!! You are leaching plastic chemical debris into your oil.

    This is a very common practice or method of making oil, but instead, the correct way to process is by using oven bags, which are meant to safely endure heat exposure. :) Otherwise, canning jars in a double boiler are the way to go.


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