Low odor backyard grow....trying to be considerate to my neighbors.

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    So, I have access to the following clones for my backyard grow.....
    durban poison, sour diesel, purple kush, king kush, bubba kush, vainlla kush, GG4, cookies and cream cheese, and strawberry fields.
    So here's the newbie question....I will only plant 3 plants into the garden. Can you recommend me 3 that will smell the LEAST when flowering. All my neighbors have little kids....
    Thank you all.
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    If you could get some Auto wappa from paradise seeds or just the original Wappa..i know it's late in season for autos..but there great no smell at all unless your standing right next too her...the smell doesn't travel to much which is great...i would definitely recommend...not to sure of anymore but I'd say there plenty more strains that don't stink.smells real fruity too..suppose to taste fruity aswell..not sure out of the ones you mentioned which don't stink but with the auto Wappa/ Reg Wappa ur garentied it's not going smell out the hole place a lot less worries..lol...id stay away from anything with Cheese Tho.!!!

    Green Tums
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  3. Thanks. I'll look into the wappa for the next season. Yeah......I'll stay away from the cheese.
    With just 3 plants, I'm hoping it wouldn't smell too much no matter what strains I put in.
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  4. Out of curiosity.....how big is your backyard? Basically...what's the closest your neighbors or passing foot traffic will get to them?
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  5. Not that big. 40x40 feet. And 45 feet from the front sidewalk. It's hidden from public view.
    The spot I'm planning on is 40 feet from front fence lines, and 10 feet from my adjoining neighbors' yards.
  6. They will smell them for sure
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  7. Even with just 3 plants?
    Well.....I guess I just gotta go ahead and do it anyway, lol.
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  8. Unfortunately, I have to agree.

    I mean, if the kid(s) smells it....its not like it will have negative effects on him/her....so you wouldn't be putting them in danger....at least I don't think it would be....

    Hopefully the parents....your neighbors.....are laid back enough to not be an issue.....and that's even if they know what that smell is! LOL
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  9. Kids are cool. Parents,....maybe, lol.
    One I was definitely planning on planting was sour diesel. And I've just found out that it's easily one of the smelliest. Now, I might have to look for another sativa variety that doesn't smell as much.
  10. I've got a sour cheese in veg outdoors right now and it smells. When it blooms it will stink up a 100 foot radius easy. I grew a blueberry last summer and I could smell it from 200 feet away if the wind was blowing that direction
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  11. Ouch......
  12. The best thing to do is let them know you were thinking about growing and see what their reaction is. I have a 7 year old and her freinds come over to swim but I let the parents know I have a grow going so if they are cool with it then good and if not then so be it, can't really hide mine.
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  13. I have a single plant. She smells even in a large yard. Like 150x50 foot.
    She just started to flower and I can smell as soon as I walk towards the house.

    I think most cannabis will smell no matter what.

    I have heard of people growing other plants to mask the smell, like lavender and some other plants.

    You could put a fake dead skunk in front of your house....
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  14. Damn....those are nice looking plants.....
    Nice backyard too.
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  15. Thanks boss, my little piece of paradise. If it's legal where you are then not much they can do. Luckily I have pretty good neighbours
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  16. Haha. Looks like I'm just gonna have to do it. Looks like no way around it.
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  17. Yup. Legal. I'm in Los Angeles.
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  18. Start growing flowers. Go to home depot and buy the flowers that smell strongly.
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  19. I grew Purple Kush in my garden and the smell factor was pretty low, it smelled like candy, noting stinky like a Sour Diesel.

    Here is my backyard grow this year.

    Good luck.
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  20. I think I'm gonna plant some rosemary plants and maybe even lavenders.

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