Low odor and Fast strain ? for anxiety / panic attacks

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    Hello ppl! :wave:

    I spent a lot of time searching the strain that will be perfect for me and my grow environnement (35x35x60cm), but its hard to find... actually im growing Auto Blue Mystic by Nirvana (my firss grow) and in like ~7 days i will be able to test it, finaly! (80+days) :rave-girl: this strain looks perfect for me (High-CBD and Medium-THC level's), but! it smells thru the carbon filter, so its the main reason to change, i would prefer a Sativa strain, due to my lazyness and fogged brain after consuming some street bud (i have no info about it but it seems to be a strong THC Indica), cuz when i over-vape a little (even if there's <0.1g in the oven), i can have some anxiety and it can become worse, kinda panic attacks (fear, heart beating becomes really loud, i can hear it all the way in my head, also breathing difficulties, trembling, stuttering when speaking) when doing a simple thing like speaking to some one outdoor, or just with no reason, so after what i read about CBD level's, i understood that Sativa's are not for me and it will just can do worse, so i found some strains that is more suitable for me, strains like Northern Lights (SS) that is low odor, short, fast growing, there's a discount also!(-30%) and have some anti-stress effect, but also a couch lock that i dont need because im already a lazy person :poke:, so i found C99 (Female Seeds) that would be good, energizing, clear head high, low odor, not stretchy (i can LST with no problem if so), fast also, but again... its a Sativa and has very low % of CBD so i just dunno...:confused_2: Strawberry Cough is also stinking and not as fast (as ive read), but would be great for anxiety.

    also i did some cookies with my ABV (Already Been Vaped) weed, and the effect was very cool! but just when i eat 3 of them, if i eat 4 - i will get some anxiety and panic attack (but not so strong), so my PA is maybe due to my over-consumption :confused_2: btw i've been vaping twice a day and im already a bit anxious person when i'm lonely outdoor, and small doses seems to help! really confused...

    If someone can help me doing the choise or just recommend a suitable strain - I would be very grateful, :thankyou:

    some pics of my plant and cookies ! :weed:
    IMG_20160312_014258.jpg IMG_20160312_014306.jpg IMG_20160312_164522 (1).jpg
  2. The best in my opinion for severe anxiety is currant kush. I am a federal registered caregiver where I work with the VA and many ex-military personal and currant kush is what works for most of my patients suffering from anxiety. But because it is a kush, it will stink up your place the last 3 weeks of flowering. Northern Light #5 can also help with anxiety, also Mango Haze like currant kush is CBN rich and has helped many with anxiety.
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  3. Mexican sativa/blend- Old school bag seed style! I always keep one of these growing outdoors. Great for anxiety and insomnia. Not great for...moving around. Some of the older folks who need medical cannot handle the new high-test strains or they need to work up to it so I start them with this. Low odour, fast growing, and tough as nails.
    Honestly though I had trouble finding this to start out. I had to rob a homeless guy for his stash. I felt bad but it all worked out.
    When it is grown with tlc it actually turns out pretty decent.

    Be kind. Perfect your craft. Give more than you take. We are family.
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