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  1. I have a perfect area to grow six plants outdoors. This area only gets direct sunlight at various times of the day. It has been recommended that I take my veg stage as far as I can indoors to produce as healthy and large a plant as is possible, than plant in my outdoor area, where they should do fine.Will a greenhouse help or hinder this shaded area I have described? Also, I currently are splitting time on my teenagers (half outdoors and half indoors) is 24hr light too much at this stage? They seem to be doing great with 24hr light.
  2. as long as light passes through the greenhouse, i dont see it being a problem. It will help you conceal your plants.

    Plants can't have too much light. 24/7 light is great for vegging ladies.
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    Thanks GB.....no problem with being concealed, just wondered if the greenhouse gives me an improved potential for a great grow in this "shaded" area after I go completely outdoors, or will the opaque green “see through” greenhouse further limit my sunlight? In other words, under my somewhat shaded area, will a greenhouse described above help me or hinder me?
  4. Please I know I am a new member but could someone give a little help here? Thanks
  5. a shaded area is not your ideal location. that being said, anything you put between the sun and your plants will diminish light. If it's shaded you cant sacrifice that light with any type of greenhouse. I stress again that you should look for a more sunny location.
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    Going to veg as large as I can indoors/outdoors (24 hr light) then when they become too large to be too easily seen when I have them in this very sunny area, I will then plant in the aforementioned somewhat shaded area, that still receives direct sunlight a various times of the day. Sound like a plan GB? Guess I'll see and let you know, anymore insight will always be welcomed.

    Thanks, as a legal medical prescription patient, I am totally within the law, so if it does not work out well with the six plant grow, all I am out is the low yield, if the light is not enough, correct? All I am looking for is to be able to grow enough that will last me the total year so I do not have to pay the super high collective prices here in this legal state.
  7. Your problem with low light will only affect flowering. If you havent grown outdoors yet, you will quickly realize the importance of all day sun. The sun is what will give you your needed yeild, without it the buds will be light and airy.

    so what is your magic number? 1lb, 4oz, 1/8oz?
  8. Your main battle will be fighting humidity when in flower. ...My friend had an issue with powder mold due to high humidity...also you will have to have great ventilation as most plants love it somwhere between 65-80 degrees. Other than that a greenhouse sounds like a great idea. Keep in mind that greenhouses are typically found in northern regions for growing tropical plants which thrive in warmer climates. Greenhouses can be good for minimizing pest problems, keeping wind from blowing dust and dirt on flowering plants, and can make for great cover. Realistically, where I live, in the summer I would just bake my plants in a greenhouse without some kind of giant air flow system....but wait...sounds like we are going indoors again...lol
  9. If this is your first time growing outside use this website to figure out where you live and when hours of sun go above and fall below 13.5 hours. For me here in California May 1st is when that happens...goes until end of July and falls below 13.5. Plants then go into flower and start producing hormone. Depending on strain plants will finish x amount of days after hours fall below 13.5 threshold. So, for me I count 56 days from August 1st and I am done outside. In my area I only have 3 months to veg outside but I can maximize my plants by pre-vegging indoors prior and place outside to keep vegging for maximum size prior to flower. Daylight Hours Explorer
  10. 60 lb would be nice, lol.....2 would suffice
  11. Based on all info, I am going without greenhouse, I too am somewhat identical to your daylight hours, actually somewhat longer due to being SoCal. I think the my current plan (outdoors 1/2 time and indoors 1/2 time) is working quite well....so I will veg as close as I can to flower and plant them in my very ventilated area with only six healthiest plants spaced with lots of room.

    Even with the direct sunlight only hitting during various times of the day, but still hours of said direct sunlight and the bright ambient sunlight there even when somewhat shaded times appear during the day, I think I should do OK, but like all your comments for sure.
  12. quick math....

    you want 2lbs...
    2lbs = 32oz
    6 plants / 32 oz = 5.3 oz per plant

    A 5 oz plant is quite big and will require lots of direct sun, not to mention that you must hit at least that number with every plant to get to your goal.

    I plan on getting a few lbs this year and my numbers game will be placing over 100 plants.
  13. I guess I need to know this, what is preventing Law Enforcement on monitoring these type sites for info? Although I am a legal grow, there is no encryption available (and I use such ones as hide my ass on occasion) that the government community including local cops can read? IP hiding is impossible these days. Please give me this info before I post another thing on this site? Thanks
  14. Yes, they are monitoring this site as we speak. I'd be surprised if you havent had a knock on your door already. Most of us talk to the men in the black suits once a week. If you havent seen them yet, im sure they are on their way. ;)

    Seriously? Do you see the thousands of people on here posting pictures? No one is getting busted unless they give up their location.

    How do you expect someone to trace your IP? it's not even listed anywhere.
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    My good GB, check out this link if you do not think that your IP address is know to law enforcement all the time

    Paste and copy the link into Google I'm feeling lucky tab will take you to the full article, clicking on the link just poses limited data only. In addition how are the men in black knocking on your door if you are hidden?

    In addition to the link above all states law enforcement have LEAPS (maybe different for states other than mine) that have access to the same info Homeland Security does under the ever expanding abuses of the Patriot Act of 2001. Every conversation or any INTERNET communication in ALL of the world is being monitored 24/7 by the Cray plasma super Computers used by the NSA. When I say EVERY communication, I mean every communication. The Cray's processes data in the 10's of billions (or probably far more as a state secret) of items PER SECOND. Then catch phrases, certain words, etc.,etc.,etc. set off alarms so to speak to take a closer look at specific communications. I was under the impression that this was common knowledge within such forums? Again GB how do the men in black track you then?;)
  16. lol, paranoid much?

    no one is going to be knocking down your door for less than 2k watts worth of light or 10 plants, unless you let someone know what you are doing.

  17. Heck no I am not paranoid, I just keep looking over my shoulder....and see flashes of all sorts of people hiding behind trees! lol.:eek:
  18. Sunlight and water are all you really need to grow weed. Those are the two basic essentials. Your weed may grow, but not how you want it to grow. You need a place with sunlight and a lot of it.

    If this spot for whatever reason is your only option, then I would look into somehow adding grow lights to your greenhouse, but that could get pricey.

    Basically it comes down to this..... if there is not enough sunlight/ artificial light, you need a new spot. There is really no other way around this.
  19. Yeah your really going to want that light when flowering hits. Especially if your hoping for 2 pounds off of 6 plants, thats pretty ambitious.:smoke:

    Hell i have 5 plants in my backyard greenhouse that has exposure to light for essentially the entire day(sun kinda disappears behind my garage during the late-afternoon, but most of the sun's power is gone by then anyway) and i'll be stoked if I yield a QP off each plant.

    When it comes to flowering plants, it can pretty much be equated more light = more bud. It's the critical factor.

    And like other's said, its important to get that light on them in the flowering stage, otherwise you'll end up with bigass plants with scarce buds.:D

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