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  1. I live in a place known for high humidity. However, my 4x2 grow tent with a 400 watt air cooled hood was dropping humidity down to about 30%, so I got a humidifier. The humidifier seemed to keep the humidity up from 50-60% for the first month. I changed the humidifier filter last week and my humidity was at 35% today, wtf!! I am currently in veg plants looks great but I don't know why the humidity is so low. I have a 400 CFM hydro farm fan set to the very minimum with just one vent opened but covered half way so it's about a 6 inch vent opening to match the 6 inch exhaust. I could easily mist my plants every couple hours but I don't wanna take the turgidity or nutrients from the foliage. Temps with lights on are 73-82 (depending how cold my room is) and 73-75 lights off. If I turn my exhaust fan higher it just gets even drier. I have a cheap walmart cool mist humidifier maybe I need an ultra sonic??

  2. my humidity stays at about 16% I have not had any problems with low humidity, in fact i'm not concerned about mold because of it, i have to water more than everyone but other than that zero problem.
  3. Ok, I think I'm fine then cuz they are blowing up right now!! 3 gallon pots only need to be watered once every 3-4 days so I guess nothing to worry about! thanks buddy
  4. In fact, I think im gonna put the exhaust fan to about 50% instead of 10% and cool it down even more in exchange for lower humidity!!!
  5. lower humidity is better in flowering, its what you want!
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    It gets below 10% here in the winter and its fine..just gotta watch for overfeeding since the plant transpires water faster then they can eat
  7. A few things.
    First, RH is based on temp. Warm air can hold more moisture than cold air. Your humidity rating is based on that. 80% humidity at 80 degrees is a LOT more water vapor in the air than if your temp is 40. At 32 (F), humidity SHOULD be "zero" if it's not actively precipitating, because, in theory, freezing air can't support water vapor (we all know this isn't true in practice).

    Second...don't sweat it.

    If your plants are between a low of 50 (F) and a high of 80-90 (F), they'll do fine...I'm in WA state, on the coast...those are the lowest of the overnight low averages, and highest of the high averages (actually, we almost never top 80 even in August)....what's the reputation of WA sate or British Colombian (same climate) outdoor weed?

    Relative humidity is similarly no real problem....where do the plants grow well with minimal attention (if any) in nature? Anywhere from tropical jungle to tropical highland desert, yes?

    Let me tell you in no uncertain terms...Afghan strains are high desert strains...outside of "monsoon season", humidity and rain are nonexistent.

    How about jungle? What's the line from Forrest Gump? "For six months, it rained and rained. There was all types of rain. Little stinging rain, big fat rain that fell off leaves, rain that blew in sideways, even rain that came up from underneath!" It only rains if humidity tops 75%-80%...yet jungles rain 2-3 times a day, MINIMUM, except during their short dry season, where it rains a couple hours every 2 or 3 days, generally, and is so humid you can't effectively sweat, the rest of the time.

    After my first crop (which I probably damaged more trying to control humidity than anything else), I reasoned this out, decided "the fuck with it". One less headache, and not a single issue in production or quality.

    Just make sure they get watered enough, and spritz the leaves once in a while.

    Additionally, I don't water the way most "guides" suggest. If in a 5 gallon pot, I do 2 cups of water daily per plant, feeding every other day. During flower, 3 cup, same feeding. EVERY feeding, adding "guano ad castings" mix on top of the water (not mixed in TO the water), plus I add 5 nightcrawlers from the bait section of my local sporting goods store per gallon of soil.

    Reasoning being that otherwise it can be hard to judge "when they need to be watered" until you get leaf wilt or similar physical signs...how healthy would YOU be if whoever fed you waited until you started showing signs of starvation and dehydration to feed you, and this was the pattern the whole time you were growing up? Plants are living things, too, with similar issues.
  8. I use about 1000 ML of solution or water in 3 gallon pots. That keeps them watered for at least 3-4 days

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