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  1. My humidity in my closet is only at 35% how can i raise it...Thanks in advance Manny Mota:smoke:
  2. Hi.

    A humidifier.
    A bowl of water set out...just to name a few.

    Remember, with increases in RH (relative humidity), there must also be
    an increase in ventilation.

    Otherwize its like youre sayin "hey mold muthafucka - come get my plants".

  3. I applied both of them (humidifier / bowl of water) into the room before I posted this, still the humidity is still the same, I also added fan for the venting already..Thanks....
  4. Hey bro.

    Ive been thinkin about this and ya know what...

    35% aint that bad. At least u wont get mold.

    Are there problems ???

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    a little bit of leaf curl and tips are burnt slightly, the clone in the middle came with the leaves curled under already. Been wondering if it is the fox farm soil and grow big nutes..also before using the grow big, I used seaweed extract in the beginning stage all nutes have been at 1/4 strength or less. I have backed off the grow big and seaweed and Ive been giving them a mild solution of B1 and distilled water for their last watering, since their last couple of watering they are looking better, not so curled.
    Thanks for the help..

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  6. Man Im slow today.

    I shoulda asked this way back.

    What is the temp in there ??? Should be around 75 degrees.

  7. around 78-83 or so
  8. Ya, its a high Ph prob.

    U fed too much too soon.

    Its all good. Flushing will help.

    I think u have it under control. Quite a difference from a RH prob - hey ;) ???

    See, u figured out your own problem.

    I swear, sometimes y'all just do this cuz ya like talkin to me lol :rolleyes:;).

    Good luck brutha !!!

  9. Hey Freak,

    When should I start the nutes again...?
  10. As soon as u get that Ph to where ya want it - go for it.

    IMO start off at 1/4 or maybe even 1/8 strength, and then
    just slowly work your way up.

    Soon, u will be able to see the signs the plant is givin u,
    as to what it needs.

  11. Cool thanks, the ph is at 7, I want it at 6.5

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