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  1. i have noticed that there is hardly any 18.8/18.8
    parts for my glass setup ,

    just wondering if any one knows when the shop
    is.getting.more stock as this is the only online heads
    shop i trust ,

    and being.an australian.theres no local head shops
    that sell glass on glass , they only sell rubber gromet glass bongs
    witg metal parts (downstem cone peice ect)
  2. I dont know what your talking about

    There;s plenty of downstems and bowls on this website in 14.5 and 18.8

    What are you looking for?

    They layout on this website is not very good, so it can be hard to find what your looking for.
  3. there is only two or 3 18.8 diffued stems to chose from , and nill are the length i.need
    and there is only one.ice pinch bowl.for sale , and no screen diff ones
  4. then order from somewhere else?

  5. as i said in my first message i only order from grasscity
    and i didnt write this thread to be told to go.else where

    i just want to know roughly wheb they restock there store
    as i will wait for them to do it (if they do )
    or i.will just.place an.order from.what they have ,

    i have noticed it helps to.be loyal to one supplier not mix and match with all of them , i would rather bulk purchase from this site then.do lil shit orders frim a bunch of sites ,

    thanks for.ur advice hot dish , but it was pritty useless
  6. well if you like getting ripped off because you don't shop around so you can compare.. cool man.. have fun.. i wouldn't say you're being "loyal" because you are afraid to order from plenty of other cheaper.. more reliable.. and better quality glass websites out there.. you're just ill informed..

    PS: try using the search function when shopping on GC.. you might find what you are looking for.. seems Kliff found plenty... now there is some advice fo yo stankin azz :wave:
  7. as i said kliff ALL i want is 18.8 to 18.8 not 18.8 to 14.5, and i want a pinch or screen.slide , only one.o..this site i.can.find are the black.lead pincb slides , and once again.as i said there is very little 18.8 to 18.8 diffusers or screed-pinch/disc siffused slides ,

    and the question.was when.are they getting.nore stock.in , i know whats on.the site , i should have made the thread name , WHEN.GRASS CITY GETTING MORE STOCK , because kliff.all i see are push slides and 18.8 to 14.5 diffusers , and the 3 18.8 ones dont come.in my length

  8. then your stuck lol.

    Personally I only order from GC also, so I understand.

    But I also dont buy glass very often.

  9. kids like you ruin the GC forum

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