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Low dose cookies

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Ralphdtitz7, Aug 22, 2019.


What experience do you have dosing edibles to get high?

  1. <100mg

  2. >100mg

  1. Hello yo! I just made some cookies with Charlotte's Sauce strain cbd marijuana contents 12% cbd and .1%-.25% thc. I used 3.5 grams so roughly 5-8mg thc worth to make some (cannabutter) cookies and ate them all. I consumes on an empty stomach with a fast metabolism about 30min ago feel no affect... I would recommend for dosing edibles 80mg thc per dose. Online I read 10-20 that's bs!
  2. Dunno. I can use 6-7 grams of decarbed bud with maybe a tablespoon of post vape and I'll make 500g (er...I think that's 2 sticks?) of pretty decent butter.
  3. I get higher off of smoking a j of cbd bud than off of 4g cbd bud laced butter edibles jeez eat sand much?
  4. Oh shit. I didn't even read that part...if it's CBD bud...especially at less than 1% THC.
    11-hydroxy THC is what you convert edibles into that makes you feel high...not the CBD content which is more of an analgesic/medicinal effect (I bet you didn't notice any aches or pains for a bit).

    I would recommend for dosing edibles 80mg thc per dose. Online I read 10-20 that's bs!
    I wouldn't make that a recommendation based on your experience here.
    You've been eating weed that's not really...made for getting you high?
  5. As Cheba said, that weed won't get you high.
    CBD kills off almost all the thc high for some of us.
    More than about 0.5% cbd in a strain, and I get jitters and insomnia, and very poor high.
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