Low crystal production small Flowers/ Big buds no resin/crystals.

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    Hello all, I am currently growing two Blueberry crossed with "unknowen" ladies in a 1.5 metre by .5 metres cupboard.
    They were growing on 24 hour cycle under a 250watt CFL light, i toped them both when the main stem was about .5 meters from the ground and they developed two main stems each, the plants grew untill they were approxmatley 1 metre tall from the ground to the tips.
    At this point i began the budding process and placed a 600watt HPS light in the cupboard with a timer set at 12on/12off in the cupboard, i was untill this point using Yates "thrive" and nitrogrow blood and bone mix for the vegetation and i started using "Budzilla" for the budding process.
    At about 3 weeks in i noticed that one of my plants flowers were growing at the same rate as the other plant but seemingly had less resin or more to the point none on its little starter flowers and the Calyxses, whereas the other plant had plenty.
    At Six weeks into the flowering now and the buds on the more Crystal coverd resiney plant has about the same girth as the buds on the plant that has less crystals but the crystals are very small and so are the Calyxses.
    These plants were from seeds that were all from an apparently stable type of blueberry/cross plant i had recieved from a friend. They have recieved the exact same watering cycle and nutrient cycle, never been over watered or under fertilized and visa versa. I have experianced mite issues (AAAAHHHHHHRRRRRRR DAMN MITES!!) but thats besides this point and sureley wouldn't cause this sort of phenomenon/Mutation. I have some pictures of the two plants and some pictures taken through a jewelers loope/ magnifiying glass.
    I would add more details soil and so on but the point is that both plants have everything done to them identically the same way.
    Any ideas? anyone seen this before? all help is appreciated Peace all latest 035.jpg is both plants growing latest 036.jpg trunks of both.  latest 037.jpg Now this is one of the healthy main colas of the resiny and crystal filled plant.  latest 040.jpg And this is one of the main colas of the less crystaly plant. latest 039.jpg This is the crystaly plant under the scope.  latest 044.jpg And this is the less crystally plant under the scope.

  2. Nice pics ... but next time do with the hps off......thx
    Yates thrive is great for (N) but is very very hot, you can easily over burn you plants with it, along with blood and bone mix is guaranteed !
    Credit to you for not burning these to death....but remember to flush out that xtra (N) when switching to bud time, as the (N) has got to go someplace other than out the bottom of your pot, this has been a major contributor to your delay, along with the sativa in your particular strain
    Patients man! 
  3. Thankyou, thankfully i managed to get pictures without much line distortion. My post is reffering to the fact that One of my "two plants" is growing resin at a very significantly slower rate opposed to its sister right next to it recieving the exact same care and measurments of nutrients.
    My problem is definatly genetics and not my feeding cycle, im just curious if anyone can tell me what this is or if anyone else has had experiance with significantly lower crystal production on any of thier plants whilst others are growing normally, thankyou heaps.
    i hope she just starts piling on the resin in the last few weeks, ill keep patience in mind thanks :)
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  4. They're figure is definatly sativa no doubt, the most developed lady has got a pungent purfume lavander smell, but the less crystally plant is less pungent but more sweet smelling.
  5. I've got a massive Vanilla Kush that's five foot tall and is coming upon seven months of age. I had three, placed all outside when they were three months old. Two went into flowering immediately and were harvested before the middle of July. This one girl started slow, and has little trichome activity so far but has bulked up into a monster of a plant, heavy yielder, no doubt; flowering for more than an additional two months more than the others. I also have a massive Himalayan Gold that over seven ft. tall, loaded with sticky trichomes... can't wait... soon, soon, soon, I'll chop both plants with pounds of beautiful nugs.
  6. Life is like a box of chocolates,,, says Tom Hanks, but he didn't grow! you will have to wait and see! ...lol
  7. To right man, genes are a complex thing, its only really through perpose driven breeding that we can and have attained very stable sticky plants in the growers community, the plants these seeds developed on im thinking are more and likely to be a cross between a very 'gaggly" and elongated cannabis sativa plant that people grow in the far north of my country New Zealand all the time its practically a landrace of its own, with a pinnapple taste and a sour smell, but the buds always shoot up a good 7 foot before flowers really develop properly. If this sativa was the father or mother of my friends blueberry then it might explain the very contrasting pheno types, one growing sticky buds earlyer while the other might be late like a sativa, ill have to see tho so thankyou for your reply.
    Yea, ole Bud, see what you think of this: I've got a small (very small, 16/18 inches) White Widow that I starting flowering in my growroom because I had pollinated her for seed. She rocked on for about 8 weeks in the room and I decided to place her outside because all the other plants in my room I had already harvested.
    It's been a very rainy and humid season where I live, and this little girl received a lot of rain so many of the buds on the main colas began to look like they were rotting, only they looked like they were simply dieing in the tips of the calyxes rather than bud rot.
    I watched it carefully and noticed in the coming days that new growth regenerated at the colas. I then decide to gently break the colas apart so air could get in. That girl has grown an additional foot since about the last week in August. I got 12 seed exactly from her, and where the main colas had started to die, each has regenerated and is growing buds that are hanging like limbs on a tree and will be absolutely load with Buds.
    I planted her in the ground when I seen she had begin to regenerate after already flowering for well over 12 weeks. It's been an additional 4 weeks since all this new growth started and this little girl is again loaded with double the amount of buds I would have harvested initially. Ever witnessed anything like that before?

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