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  1. I've looked at all different ypes of grow rooms and i've seen some pretty complex, expensive grow rooms. I'm not really trying to spend a ton of money, just want the basics. I'm going to grow in a closet. Its about 6ft long, 3 feet wide, 7 feet tall. there is a window in the closet that i think i could use for ventilation, but i'm curious if i have to go with duct work of if theres a way around that. I don;t think i can afford an inline fan or carbon filter, so is there another way to get proper ventilation and odor reducing? i'm pretty good with the light(600w hps w reflecter) unless theres a cheaper light that will produce decent plants. And could i just place a small fan by the bulb and aim it toward the window and blow the heat out? the window isn't too big and the ceiling of the closet isn't too large either. i'm only growing bagseeds for now, and i want to make it as basic and cheap as possible to start off and work up from there, but for now i want to just go as small as possible. again, i have the soil and nutrients all picked out, and buckets, and all i want is some help with the lay out of a cheap home grow room. thanks alot
  2. I don't understand what you are planning to do with that window. Are you planning to leave it open all the time?
  3. Well i don't really know. i know i need ventilation or something but i don't have the money to make a whole ventilation system. is there anyway i could use that window? or maybe a cheap ventilation system? i'm just trying to give all the infor about the space as possible.
  4. I recently set up a relatively low cost grow in my dorm room and have about seven plants growing healthily right now. This is what Ive used

    4 100 Watt CFLS over about a 2 square foot grow area (the plants are still all under 4 inches), Miracle Grow Seed Starting Potting Soil, CowPots (manure pots which biodegrade in soil), and a small gardening shovel.

    Each of the 100 watt CFLS cost ten dollars each (40 dollar total)

    Cowpots (15 of them) cost 10 dollars

    Miracle Grow Potting Soil cost about 15 to 20

    All in all i spent about 75 dollars so far, and will probably only need to spend less than double that for more lights and some nuts in the future. Not too bad in my opinion.
  5. You are going to need to cover that window anyway, completely light-proof. What's on the other side of that window? If there is a chance people will be near it then you don't want to vent out to there, but if it is far from any possible noses then you could remove the glass and install a plywood cover with a hole cut through it that you vent out of.

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