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    So about 2 weeks ago this little guy sprouted up out of the soil out on by porch surprisingly


    everything was going well for a while out on the deck, til at about day 6 when the weather got a bit cloudy and unfortunately stretching was inevitable


    At this point she looked pretty sad, and i figured you know i could probably set up something in my bedroom that would work alot better then this lack of sun im getting.

    Day 10

    So after some low budget spending, and alot of around the house looking, this is what i've managed to come up with


    Heres a few Nice shots i finally managed to snap


    Just a Few questions now

    -Do you think with the holes in the side, and the hole on the top. the fan on the outside of the box will provide enough ventilation?
    - Do you think 2 23w cfls(100w equivalent) will be enough to make this pretty little lady flourish?
    -Lastly, for being... i wanna say between 15-18 days old, does she look healthy, and the appropriate size for her age?

    i know a bit of stress was caused switching between the sun and the CFLs, but now that its under constant CFLs i think it will be alright.

    Opinions? suggestions?
  2. I'm probably gonna try to build one of those today you have inspired me good sir
  3. haha sorry for posting and not answering ur questions, but I just wanted to subscribe to this. Looks simple. but looks like it'll work :) keep it up, i'll deff be following.
  4. Awesome some advice i found out by trial and error, ZIPTIE not ducktop your powerstrip to the SIDE not top, two reasons, 1 The ducktape seemed to have lost its adhesiveness in the heat of the box, Why the side not the top? if the power cords on the top instead of the sides it will drastically limit the amount of vertical growth your plant can have

    all good my friend just good to know ive got some followers:hello:
  5. can anyone help answer my ?s
  6. sorry for the delay on pictures guys, here she is now, lookin good and strong as ever, Shes officially starting to push out that 4th leaf set. Im so Excited

    Ohh and P.s i added another 23w CFL to the mix.


    Oh and one quick question, im pretty sure its to early to tell, but im also gonna be really excited if these are what i think they are


    (you may have to zoom in to see them)

    hope everyone enjoys

  7. 1. It might, im not exactly sure. If you could buy/find a cheap small fan to suck air out of the hole on top it might be a little better.

    2. That isnt really enough, as its only a total of around 75w (I read your update) You should have 100w per plant then anywhere from 30-50 after that. I would go ahead and add another one or two lights.

    3. She looks fine to me :)
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    Hey just stopped by to check out your box, Ive been using a rubbermaid setup for a few grows now and I might be able to help a bit.

    ^^^^ I agree with th3dop3, adding a few more lights and a vent fan (totally necessary) for the top would do wonders. Ive got a carbon scrubber pulling air from the top and intakes at the bottom which works well and keeps my temps around 78-82. I dont know how stealth your setup needs to be, but if you go without a carbon scrubber/odor control, it will smell pretty bad in flower. And I mean you'll smell it the second you walk into your house.

    Having a scrubber/fan combo pulling air out doubles as ventilation and smell control.

    I noticed your CFL's seem to be the "cool white" variety. If you bought "daylight" cfl's with (5500K to 6500K light color) you'll see more leaf growth and less stretching. The cool white types usually emit 2700K or so and will encourage stem growth, and should be used in flowering. 5500k to 6500K lights are best for vegging.

    I had four cfl's on one plant ( and no more than one inch away from leaves) and it grew really well, pretty quick. So yeah Id say four cfls minimum. The more the better.

    Have you considered LST'ing your plant? Dierwolf has a sticky somewhere thats excellent at showing the theory. If you don't tie your plant down, you will run out of room with just that one box when you go to flower. And thats taking into account any light setup you'll have. It will get 2 to 3 times its size before it stops and goes heavy into bud growth. Its very easy and could potentially double to triple your yield with that much space to grow in.

    Ive got two bins stacked together and I have to flower before she gets to the top of the first bin. I dont want to add a third box haha :)

    Also, if you plan to flower using the cfls you've got, your buds will still be potent, but they will lack the density characteristic. I have one lid I use for vegg, (Its got 4 26watt cfls and one 45 watt LED grow panel attached to it) and one lid I use for flower (I attached one 150 watt HPS light and cram as many more lights as I can in there). If you can, get some HID lights, but those suckers put out way more heat than CFL's. Which goes back to the vent problem...

    Dont get me wrong you or anybody can grow knockout greens with cfls and be very satisfied. Your final weight will be smaller and buds will be a bit loose but still potent.

    She looks good to me so far!!
    Keep it rollin' SimplySmaLLs

    -achill :)

    EDIT: Your plant wont show sex this early, those little bits of growth arent hairs/female pistils, they are just little spurts that both male and female plants put out. Your female hairs or male nuts will show up between those things and the leaf branch later on (6-8 weeks of vegg or within 2 weeks if you go to flower before seeing them)
  9. quick question smalls, if your powerstrip is on the side, how are your lights hanging from the top?
  10. Dude, Thank you so much for the Bulb Advice, now that you said it, i totally see the stretching, as appossed to leave growth. Im going out tomorro morning and getting 3 of the daylight Bulbs you suggested. Any idea where i could scoop those? Home Depots only carrying these new NVision bulbs that suck.

    And Also, i am Going to attempt LSTing this naughty girl, i Have read over Dierwolfs post over and over again and i think ive got the idea down pact, Her 4th leaf set is startin to pop out so once that shows, im going to pin it down between that and the third set to get her started.

    Awesome, im gonna go out tomorrow morning and scoop 3 of the daylight bulbs, any idea of a local store i could get them at. Lowes, Walmart, Target?

    Ive got the power strip ziptied to the side, and the bulbs are just plugged into that using a Y socket i got from my local home depot

  11. Yeah any of those places would have the 26 watters at least. If they have the 42 watt ones you should spend an extra buck and get those.

    LST all the way!
  12. Just wondering but do you guys think its to soon to throw this pretty little lady into lst?

    I know eventually i am going to LST her, but right now her 3rd leaf set is finally slowin down on growth and pushing up a 4th leaf set.

    The reason i ask is because in dierwolf's LST GUIDE, he said he would normal pin them down at about the 3rd or 4th set.


    Ive got roots starting to literally grow out from the little hole in the bottom of my pot(were the extra water drainage comes out). Now i really would rather not get a bigger pot, dude to size contraints. Any ideas other then Transplant?

  13. transplant would be best. but if you can't do that than pick up a shallow storage bin that will fit inside the bin you have but is big enough for the pot to set in. set pot in new smaller bin and fill the rest of bin in with soil. add drainage holes and your good :) if it is a clear container than foil tape or paint the container with non-toxic latex paint so no light gets through to roots if they grow to edges(they will).

    hope that helps!

  14. Hmm, ok i think i got what your saying, so let the roots jut continue to grow out of the hole in the bottom of the pot ( the only reason this is wierd is because its an 8inch pot, and the little girls only on her 4th leaf set) but the pot will be sitting in dish about its size, filled with dirt so the roots can continue downward growth into the .... im thinking maybe a gatoraid bottle cut in about a 1/3?. Am i correct?
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    actually im a little baked and you kinda confused me :) here's a mental image of what im trying to say :cool:

    you should put the pot:

    in a container like this one(leave a 1/4 in of soil in bottom of container b4 setting pot in):

    after you set pot in the container back fill the container with soil. kinda like burying your pot in the soil outside to give the roots more medium to grow in.

    just make sure its bigger in width than your pots diameter yet small enough to fit in your box. and that you seal the soil from the light to prevent fungi/root rot.

    i suggest wal-mart for such a container :metal:

  16. Anyone know?
  17. I would say that your two bulbs will make her flourish. I've seen a similar grow before. Just don't expect super heavy yields and dense buds. The lumen output just isn't there. It will definitely grow you some smoke though.

    As for ventiliation I think you would be fine providing you opened the lid once every day or so and that's also assuming the ambient temperature doesn't get too hot. Just pop a hi-low thermometer in there to record the temp swing and you'll know if you need to cut bigger holes or pop a small pc-style fan in there.
  18. Yeah I'd start the LST. Just remember you can work her down in steps, gradually increasing the bend with whatever your'e tying her with. Go easy but firm on her.

  19. Word thanks man, ill definitly start to train her down now, i should have some pics up and online tonight, or tomorrow night. Also im thinkin of starting her on a 18/6 schedule, because i hear thats a better light hour ratio when using LST

  20. yea def start training her now since you started from seed. i started LST'ing mine soon as i felt their roots were long enough(im doing hydro DWC).

    if you want, feel free to check em out: http://forum.grasscity.com/advanced-grow-journals/355213-first-hydro-grow-1000w.html

    the large Blue Hog is my first try @ LST and i think i did pretty dern well :D all bush

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