Low-Budget Closet Grow In Need of Advice

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Mikster, May 12, 2011.

  1. Hello GrassCity!

    This is my first attempt at growing, and I need some help. I'll try to be as specific as possible.

    I purchased 6 seeds from the Attitude seed bank (5 sativa-dominant hybrid, 1 indica hash plant). I decided not to germinate them all at once for fear of failure. I used the damp paper towel method to pop 3 of the 5 sativas first. All got a good sized taproot out over about 48 hours. I planted them a few mm deep individually in coconut fiber cups filled with my soil mix (see below). They never broke the surface. I dug them up a couple of weeks later to confirm that they were dead. They had grown about an inch of root each, but they looked dry as a bone even though I had kept them watered!

    Next, I tried germinating the hash plant seed I got as a freebie from Attitude. Same paper towel method worked, but this time I planted after only 24 hours. I put a mix of Jiffy seed starter mixed with 1/8" perlite into a coconut fiber cup and made sure to orient the seed properly in the hole. I covered the cup with a cut-off bottom of a plastic water bottle to act as a mini humidity dome. This time I got a sprout after 2 days. When I went to water it, the Jiffy mix seemed like it had compacted, so I poked a few holes around the edges of the cup with a toothpick. The mix sort of cracked when I did this, and I'm worried it may have disturbed the baby root. On the 4th day, I noticed the seedling hadn't grown, but was wilting and turning dark at the stem. Now I'm at day 7, and it still hasn't grown anymore. the cotyledon never really opened up, the stem looks hair-thin and dry, and there is almost no more green left on the plant.

    I'm hesitant to start my remaining 2 seeds... 4 failures is pretty discouraging.

    I'm growing in a 3'x2' closet and I'm going for stealth. Inside is painted flat white. I have a 125 watt daylight spectrum CFL from hydrofarm. The soil mix is from my local organic nursery. The owner informed me it contained their organic compost, worm castings, manure, perlite (I added more perlite), blood/bone meal, guano, and peat humus. I tested the pH myself - its right between 6.5 and 7.0.

    Any thoughts would be helpful. Keep in mind I'm almost too poor to buy my own bud - that's why I want to start growing!

  2. you know maybe you should just practice germinating some bag seed once you get that down then go to the seed you have left also pics are always good so people can see what you are talking about
  3. What is the temperature in your box? If it gets much higher than 85-90, growth will stop and soil will dry out very quickly.

    Don't germinate seeds or root clones in soil or any medium that has any sort of nutritional value. The slightest bit of nutrients can have adverse effects on a seedling.

    Are you touching the seedlings with your bare hands? Use a sterile pair of tweezers when handling them.

    Don't immediately introduce the seedlings to light when you plant them. Give them no light for a day or so and slowly work your way up over a period of 2-3 days.
  4. Email attitude as well and let them know you had mass germination issues. Attitude is REALLY good about replacing bad seed batches. Shit happens sometimes and it comes with the business.
  5. So, I don't know how long it takes the moderators to approve photos, but I tried to post some pics of my grow a couple days ago. I was actually thinking about practicing with some vegie seeds or something. I tend to purchase quality rather than quantity, so I never really have bag seed.

    Temp in the closet ranges 72-80 through the day, and that's without a fan that I plan on getting later. Didn't ever occur to me to slowly introduce the light. Also I emailed the Attitude and they responded:

    I am sorry you are dissatisfied with your souvenirs, as you are aware we sell these solely for souvenir and storage purposes and we cannot reply to certain emails in conflict with this.

    However you can send back any dissatisfactory items and packaging back to us to forward to the breeder you are unhappy with to inspect with a view to a replacement or contact the breeder directly with your query.

    Many Thanks and I thank you in advance for understanding we do not process claims in the UK.

    So... I don't know what sort of experience other people have had with them, but it seems like the Attitude won't replace my seeds. Oh well, we all must make mistakes before we can learn from them...
  6. If attitude wont then contact the breeder like they said to. The worst that can happen is they say no. I bought some fem NL #1 from attitude last summer and half of them turned male. When I called attitude they told me they would replace the seeds and a week later, they were in the mail.

    Also, threaten them with bad reviews. Online seed banks live and die by their google and forum reviews.
  7. i think fem seeds being male are slightly different than seeds not germinating... alot more user error possible with germinating

    OP have you tried starting them in jiffy peat pellets? and i dont know if it was because of the seed shell or what, but if after a couple days the cotyledon dont open up, i'd suggest gently helping them open, more experienced growers feel free to chime in cause i could most certainly be wrong, but i think of the cotyledon dont open it'd be harder for the plant to get energy from the light and continue growing

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