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  1. This is my second time growing outdoors and i am going to try and get this years plants started a little early. I built a small indoor cabinet grow to start my seedlings but my question is how can i keep my seedlings as low as possible and bush out or is it not a good idea to be limiting them at a young age. Thanks for looking and all help.

  2. Keep the light close so it doesn't stretch for light and top when it's old enough. It helps to use a wider pot rather than tall and skinny. Most plants stretch about as wide as their root systems do the wide pot allows for a stockier plant. You can also look into LST. That's about it.
  3. +6500k light source. Daylight CFL's, metal halide bulbs, whatever you'd like. Big difference over HPS, etc. Definitely look into LST (low stress training). It's simple, just tie the growing plant into a bush. It's kinda fun actually!
  4. Thanks for the help guys. Ill be posting my results as I go

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