Loving this aye, too much

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by JUNIOR, May 2, 2002.


Tokeing or drinking which do you prefer?

  1. Tokeing

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  2. Drinking

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  1. finally a place i can call home, not quite sure how it works yet, actually i dont really know what im doin, in fact i have no business bein newhere near a computer.
    that aside, i dont know how much info i can put on hear, but will share whatever you wish to know, just ask. all i can say now is name: junior
    age : 23
    sex : male (and lovin it) lol

    pot rulz, i love it lots, lookin 4ward to meeting heaps more fellow tokers

    L8R people.
  2. welcome to the city. Come on in sit down and have fun.
  3. HIGH!! Welcome to the CITY!! :wave: :hippie:
  4. hey whats up man? Welcome to the City, as a citizen of grasscity i would like to say this..............Well load it already. hahahahaha enjoy the the sites of our city,peace~
  5. Welcome, and as for the poll, what do you think? :smoking: :smoke:

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