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  1. I feel like I have become OCD with it. This is my first grow and finally feel like I have a decent little setup that can produce some bud. I think I've watched about every video on YouTube I can find and now spend more time on here reading than I do facebook or twitter lol. Anyways I just burned one and wanted to spill this to the community lol. I don't have anyone else to talk about it to! Other than my step brother who is growing and didn't know what a trichromatic was??? Anyway here is a pic of my little set up I have. Have 2 pineapple express seeds in the cups and the current little seedling you see is a super stressed pineapple express that I had under wrong lighting and bad soil for weeks.. Just can't seem to part with it!

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  2. Facebook and twitter are a total waste of anything so what your doing is more productive then that.
  3. ur space is a bit busy but wtf, ur gonna have more fun doin this than u ever thought u would and this forum will give u all the support u need. just keep reading the stickies and learning!! u know ur gonna need a bunch of patience right?? a serious bunch!!
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    Great idea to read everything you can but like anything experience is the greatest teacher. Have fun!
  5. Yeah man it is a bit crowded. That stuff to the left is outlets, cords, and my timer. Gonna see what I can do to clean it up but yeah I can see its gonna take a lot of patience! But I am eager about the day I'm able to pack a bowl of stuff I grew out of my own love and care lol. This is very exciting stuff. I'm also going to raise an outdoor vegetable garden next year as well.

    Hoping to hear from more people! Love input and love learning new stuff! I'm open ears for advice!
  6. For your lights if all those cups have plants and eventually start growing the rule of thumb with wattage is 100w for the 1st plant 50watts for each additional plant.
  7. Well I plan on giving one to my buddy and growing two and seeing which one grows the best and taking the other out. I've got 4-26w 6500k cfl and then 2'-17w 3500 k. Would like to go with an hid set up but I think the heat would be way too much.
  8. Got some of the clutter out... Think this is the best I can do!

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