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  1. It seems like every night on the news there's a story about weed being legalized. I'm sitting here watching the news with my parents, my mom is against weed and a story came on the news supporting Prop 19 about how it's far less dangerous than alcohol. It was awesome to see her sitting there unable to block out the lies for once. :hello:

    Hopefully all this publicity will remind people in California to REGISTER TO VOTE so they can get Prop 19 passed. I think the window to register is getting smaller so do it soon. Just sitting at home and hoping it'll pass is the worst thing you can do if you live in Cali.
  2. Huh. Maybe I'll start watching the news more. I haven't seen a peep about it on TV here. I was beginning to wonder if the other side was going to start their FUD campaign. Are the nutjobs on the opposition talking their usual lies and scare tactics yet?
  3. Yeah it's brilliant that big media seem to be moving more and more towards supporting legalisation. When Prop 19 passes everyone will see how successful it is and slowly most people will come to accept that Cannabis isn't nearly as bad as it's made out to be.
  4. Man that's great news. If the media gets behind us, it'll happen. The opposition seems a little stymied as to how to proceed as far as the media goes... When they stick to their old lies, they look like hysterical morons, so all they can do is attack the proposition itself saying it will create a "nightmare" of patchwork regulations, which everyone knows is BS. Alcohol is regulated on a county by county basis and always has been. This is nothing new and it's not a nightmare. It's actually the preferred way to handle things like this as it gives each county the ability to opt in or out. You can bet if this was going to be "forced" on every single county, the opposition would be screaming even louder.

    Anyway, really happy to see all the activists on the Internet. Every time I read one of the oppositions fascist articles against Prop 19, there are always ten people in line in the comments section calling them out on their lies and bringing out the truth. :smoke:

    This is surreal, but it's really looking like it has a chance of passing. If it does, it will literally change the world. If the world would wake up to the wonders of a litltle Cannabis, we just might not blow ourselves out of existence in some war.
  5. it's too bad that news channels rarely give doctors/scientists/cops who want to legalize mj a chance to say anything. they always seem to interview spokespeople and it ends up going nowhere.
  6. Just watched the ten o'clock news and they did a piece on Prop 19 that all but called the Beer Industry hypocrites for funding the "No" campaign. It most definitely had a "Pro-Legalization" vibe to it.

    If this momentum continues to build, California will be the only place on Earth where it's legal to buy and sell weed. It's crazy to me that every single government on EARTH has laws against selling weed. My guess is our leaders don't want the masses to have a conscience.
  7. i think one of the major blows would be anti depression , i belive in a place with weed legalize , anti depression would drop sells in 80% .
  8. Where i live, the media is slightly biased in a conservative fashion, so everything about pot still has that "bad" vibe about it. I have a strong feeling my county will be dry, but we already have shit tons of growers and great growing weather, so fuck em, we will do it ourselves!:hello:

  9. Very true. Anti-depressants and Insomnia/Sleeping Pills such as Ambien would take a bit hit as well. Big Pharma is working hard behind the scenes to stop legalization. I don't think anyone really saw this coming. I know I didn't. I think we've hit them by surprise and now we have them on the run. This may just be the "perfect storm" for reform. ;)
  10. Don't forget about anxialytics. Why the fuck would you take a benzo that only causes worse rebound anxiety when you could take cannabis which ACTUALLY eliminates anxiety for real with no rebound symptoms.
  11. It'll be interesting to see how the federal government will handle it if Prop 19 passes. As we all know, P19 would legalize it on a state level but it would still be illegal on a federal level, so we might have DEA clearing out dispensaries every week and arresting the patients there for their medication.

    But back on topic, yeah, the news story I saw most definitely had a pro legalization vibe to it. I remember them pointing out the dangers of alcohol vs weed while my mom sat there helpless :smoke:
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    I think it's pretty unlikely the Feds will be here arresting people if Prop 19 passes. If history is any guide, they will simply look the other way, while the other states also vote to legalize. With Alcohol Prohibition it only took three years after the first state made Alcohol legal, for the Feds to repeal prohibition on a national level. This is huge. Everybody in Politics KNOWS they have painted themselves into a corner with Cannabis prohibition and I think on some level are also wanting it to finally go away. The only way that's going to happen is if the States do it first. ;)
  13. I think most politicians want it to go away, but don't want to be the ones who stand up and say we need to change this for fear of turning some voters against them.
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    Exactly. It's a failed policy that was put into place under false pretenses and has fleeced the American people for billions of wasted dollars. Nobody wants to be the one to say "oops, I guess Harry Anglinger made all that crap about Marihuana up. Sorry about that tens of thousands of people we've put in Prison!"

    Nope, it's a fricken crime what they've done, and everyone knows it. The big problem now is, how do we get out of it without having to admit we were wrong.... Hmmm... Perhaps we'll just sit back and let the states legalize it one by one... all the while protesting and yet behind the scenes clearing the way. The feds aren't going to do a damn thing if Pot gets legalized in California. Four new states are putting legalization initiatives on their 2012 ballots. If Cali passes Prop 19 you can the other states will follow suit. Once that happens it's going to be too late for the Feds to stop it.

    It's really the only way it's gonna get done and it's exactly how it happened with Alcohol prohibition. First medical came, then one state made it legal again, and three years later it was legal in the whole country. :cool:
  15. I always see that "Going to pot" thing on Fox News. The stupid black preacher was like "Well if we legalize pot, we need to legalize crack" or some stupid thing like that. I just said "Wow, fear mongering and outright lies". My dad got all PO'ed because he hates it when I call out prohibitionists (he is one).

  16. I've never heard of that, it's weird because it was fox news that I saw the pro-legalization segment on.
  17. There is so much positive pot news that you have to search for anti-pot news now,a big change from rarely finding good news about cannabis.
    And brought about primarily by these machines we are all sitting at.
    Prohibitionists are tired of posting articles in forums with any comments allowed,ie newspapers and blog sites,because they now realize it was much easier to mislead America when it took weeks for any kind of rebuttal to their fear mongering and lies but now they are refuted and debunked before the ink dries on the article.
    There is so much news you can almost get high reading it all.

  18. I hear you brother!!! Tom Ammiano (our hero) is holding a press conference at 10:00 a.m. to discuss regulations once Prop 19 passes. Ten cities have already begun to draft uniform measures which is great news for us as it puts a huge hole in the oppositions's complaint that Prop 19 creates "a patchwork of regulation" blah, blah, blah. In other words, we are already working on it, just like we said we would. That may help some of the "undecideds" who might be buying some of the scare tactics the other side continues to use.

    History is now my friends. We just have to keep the pressure on.

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