Loves the cops of my city..Most of them

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    Ok so it was just any other day, normal partying down at the new park that was made behind my house. Since all my buds are in the same housing track we always just go in and slide under the metal bars of the door on the bathroom and drink and smoke. So things were winding down, the girls left and some friends were frying too hard so me and my 3 good friends were chillen.

    We go into my car to hotbox, rolled up 4 blunts and passed them along. So midway through we were blasting some Dead music. All we here is 4 louddd thumps on the top of my roof. I look out the window of my car to barley see the uniformed officer standing there. I roll down the window and he said "HOLY SHIT!" backs up 3 feet and puts his hand over his face lol. He told me that if he knocked any harder on the window it would have broken lol. I was bummed because that had to bee the best hotbox sesh i had had in a while.

    He asks us what we were doing, of course i said just smoking some weed sir. He pauses looks around and says "hell the shits practically legal anyways, and i cant ticket you guys if you are listening to the best music ever made." Then he asks if we have been arrested before, we all say yes for possession (didnt tell him about us climbing a pole all the way on top of kohls to smoke weed and getting surrounded by 6 cops). He asked how much we had and i said less than a gram, he was shocked that they actually booked us for that. so after a little chit chat he tells us to make it home safely and to have fun.

    Cops can be chill every once in a while haha, :)

    That was my storrry :smoke:
  2. jesus man, im tellin ya. if that happened around here i woulda been fucked.
  3. This is why I can't wait to move to a weed-friendly state.

    I mean granted - I won't be hotboxing and/or smoking in public, but it just sounds awesome to peacefully co-exist with a cop.

    Damn... My time is coming soon! Cool story, OP - seriously!
  4. Haha thanks guys, yea cali is pretty chill but you always get those d-bag ones haha. I usually smoke in pubb, mostly at college. No one cares tho its pretty damn chill. smoke on!
  5. I wish it was like that in VA.
  6. if u dont mind me asking..where in cali do you reside? because where im at (socal orange county) cops pull me over cause im not white..i had LESS than a gram and i got ticketed and handcuffed and brought ot my pad+shit load of drama to my mom how weed is pretty much same as crack cocaine and bull..

    then second time cop was lucky to find my shit...again pulled over cause im not where ur at (ima guess berkely? or san diego area? or even santa barbara) copos are like ah fuck it ima go spark my blunt anyway
  7. i live in the pretty(not) HIGGGHHH Desert my freind lol victorville to be more specific. There is NOTHING but meth heads in my area so which is why i think cops are more leanient over here with pot because thats the least of their worries lol. Dont get my wrong, 5 of the cops that arrested me on kohls were totallll douche bags, saying well looks like its the big boy jail for you kids and shit like that. Hancuffing me to my bongbag lol so i had to drag my bong through kohls lol all the moms were like moving their kids out of the way ahhaha.
  8. right in the bay area? by ummm san jose area (i think) but its like an hour or so away from san fran...i think.. hahaha
  9. hahaha your like 7 hours off lol, but its weird you say that because i moved to Monterey which is an hour away from san jose and the bay. Just for school, leave here back to the ville in a week =], but yeaa the ville is san bernardino area, soo 3 hours north of sandiego. Ima say an hour away from the OC hour, and a half east of LA. haha. You have to go through it to get to vegas. Thats the only reason why ppl know it lol.
  10. So THATS where i rememberd it from i was like yea i rembmer victorville...but is it way to san jose or other way

    o btw it wasnt san was fremont :)

    dunno if those are the same lol

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