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  1. Hey guys/gals,

    Been away for a long time with a ton of changes in my life. I've finally settled down...and I got the bug once again. I'm getting back into my favorite hobby :). I have a perfect spot to set up a 1' by 1' by 4' grow tent in my closet. There's a small door at the top as well which leads up into a small attic area where I will store the fan and exhaust into. With that said, I've ordered the growlab40 tent, a 4" vortex online fan (yes I know it's loud, I got a speed controller and it will be up above in the roof attic area), a carbon filter which will fit in the tent, insulated ducting, a 125w cfl for flowering, 2 45w veg cfls (all will run at the same time for a diverse spectrum), 3 1 gallon smart pots, some ffof soil, and that's about it. Now for seeds, I got chocolope, Pineapple Express, cannalope kush, and Martian mean green! Everything should arrive by end of next week. I have the space set up and checked out the upper attic area and it should all be good to go. Any nutes i will just buy across the block when I need them. Super stoked for my fourth go around! Gonna be clean as can be. Any suggestions or comments welcomed.
  2. Dam i wish i had dank beans like dat,only bag seeds. :(

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  3. sounds nice man, looking forward to seeing this one!
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    Well, everything came yesterday, besides the seeds. I am now setting it up in my closet. Holy crap it fits barely. I didn't think about any of this beforehand actually getting it in there. I will go through what I just had to do. (Im bored and like to ramble). I first got my vortex fan and attached the insulated ducting with duct tape (the hydro store had no 4" clamps..). I then laid that up in the crawlspace and left the ducting hanging. Next I had to disassemble the tent, take off the cover, put the rods up, reassemble the frame, jam the cover back up, then get the cover on when the frame assembled gives me less than half an inch to work with. It was a bitch slipping that cover on. Next I had get the ducting through the top hole as I was slipping it on then the tent was fully assembled. Before I went any further I tested the fan, check. Next I used duct tape and attached my filter to see if it had suction and was working. Fully zipped the tent up and I have good intake out of the intake hole at the back. The fan is completely silent being up there. And here is where I stand now as I take a break and type this up and smoke a bowl..
  5. Well I got two extension cords and a 3 outlet in one adapter. The whole thing is up and running smoothly with the fan at full speed. The tent is keeping very cool and its virtually silent, silent with the door closed. I m just waiting on my seeds now. I have a bunch of bagseeds, but I held myself back and I am just going to wait for the good beans to come. Going to be hard to decide which to do first. I think I am going to scrog up each of the walls separately. Oh yeah, the soil came today. Holy shit it is way too much. I dunno what to do with all this extra soil and ducting. Its ridiculous. Here are some pics.
  6. My seeds came! Hell ya. So I have 6 seeds. Chocolope, Cannalope Kush, Pineapple Express, Martian Mean Green, Pakistan Valley, and Northern Lights x Skunk. Since this is my first cycle in this setup I am going to go with the easier of what I got, but still not that easy. I am going to save the Cannalope and Martian for my 2nd cycle. I germinated the Pineapple Express and Chocolope. Its gonna be tricky because the Chocolope is gonna stretch like crazy. LST will keep her down. The whole setup is all ready to go besides the filter falling off with just the tape. Ill put a clamp on it and secure it better on Monday when I can get the clamp. Here's two pics. Lemme know if you guys wanna see anything else.
  7. Hahah the space where you have the tent is just awesome. Even if i was making my house on my own i would not have thought a better solution for a small space to grow :p
  8. Haha thanks man. I saw that little opening in my closet and immediately a light went on in my head and all the growing thoughts came back. Perfect spot.
    So, I have a little dilemma in that I got three socket cords from amazon but they are for the bigger size bulbs like my 125W. But, my 125W is for flowering, so Im wondering now instead of using my two 45W daylight bulbs which don't fit, maybe I should just add another 100-125W big daylight bulb. I am able to run my fan at 100% no issues so it might be a possibility. I checked on the seeds this morning, no taproots yet. I can't wait to get everything in the tent and running.. I know Im gonna get greedy at some point and want another growspace so my bedside table will work perfectly as a veg box. I got it a while ago at a fair for that exact purpose before I stopped growing. I have not told my roommate about the grow yet, but Im guessing hell figure it out after a while. It'll be hard to rent tools to use and make my bedside table box without him knowing. Since being back Im just back to my old ways and spending too many damn hours perusing over these forums...hahah
  9. I have almost the exact same closet with the attic crawl space up top.. I never would have thought about it .. That's awesome

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  10. Hehe yeah i know what you mean. Whenever i see a space like this i always think of its potential :p. Sometimes i am just sad i can't share it with the rest of the people around me :p
    Anyway good luck with your grows and i am looking forward to seeing how this turns out
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    Thanks man haha. I thought it was pretty simple. Always wished I had some type of access up to an attic area like this.
    Here's an update of the babies. Both are doing well. Steadily getting there. As this is my fourth grow or so Im not stressing about the slow start. Can't wait to start some crazy LST on these ones.
    Heres Pineapple Express.
    The tent
    Still need to add a light. Im thinking I can get a good 250W in there. Only thing is, we don't pay for our electricity so Im hoping there isn't a huge spike in electricity bill. Ill add the other light in a week or two.
  12. Definitely sticking around to see this grow! nice set up man. I usually never even post,  just research and what not but when i saw the setup spot lol i just had to say something. Good luck bro  :cool:
  13. Cant wait too see how this turns out. I have a micro grow in a cabinet with very similar dimensions and we are pretty much at the same stage right now!
  14. Haha thanks man! It should definitely get interesting. Im hoping to LST up both the sides of the tent, and create a scrog. 
    Awesome. Shoot me the link to yours. Will definitely check it out. And thanks!
    Update for today. The seedlings have grown a lot. I just watered again today after four days. Im not even measuring and Im using tap water every other time. Being lazy right now. They both have seemed to bend over, which is fine. They'll just be stronger from it. The tent has been running great. Its silent, and the fan runs at full speed. I still havent gotten the clamp to reattach the filter. Been too lazy. Here are some pics.
    Now time to watch the NBA finals.
  15. Here's an update for today. I just topped both plants and watered them. One was touching the light so it's a little burnt. No big deal. They look really healthy and I've been barely paying attention to them. The water isn't draining so well, next time I will not be so lazy and I'll mix in some perlite. Gonna wait a while longer before switching. Couple pics. Left is Pineapple Express and right is chcolope.

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  16. Love the space this is tucked into, very sneaky!
    Is 1'x1' enough space for two plants, is that why you're going to scrog the sides?
  17. Thanks! It should be. I mean yeah one would've been alot easier to manage and have a uniform plant, but I like variety and a challenge. I'm hoping to utilize as much area covered by my light as possible so the sides and bottom will be hit with light. The scrog going up the sides I've never seen before but well see how it goes. I'm going to start LST this week and start thinking about my scrog screen. Also need to install the filter they're startin to smell. Only when I take them out though. Here are some pics of the plants. Haven't done much work at all over this past month besides watering every few days when I remember.

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  18. Looking good man, i am very interested into seeing the scrogging you are thinking of. Keep us posted and good luck
  19. Well here's another update because I just watered them today. The topping worked well and there's a lot more nodes. They are going to need LST very soon now. I'll probably run down to Walgreens tomorrow and buy an air filter and use the plastic piece to make my scrog as I don't have access to much. The plants are very sturdy and growing well. They need water about every three days now.

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  20. Sure thing haha.
    I started the thread a little late but I will keep it updated.
    Yours is looking pretty good btw! I would definitely go ahead and start working at the LST or Scrog at this point.

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