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  1. this is a message i received from lovelypeople..... idk why?? :( anyone want to explain to me why he's acting like a little girl?
  2. I will quote you:

    "no shit sherlock"
  3. My take is that dude is just really good with irony.:rolleyes:
  4. lol no shit sherlock and you flip the fuck out hahahaha wow. you must have not been around many people if that made you angry
  5. I can smell a thread closing in the air.
  6. psych, you are a tool for posting a PM publicly where nobody cares, rather than just sending him a response. you, sir, fail at life.

  7. it was mad gay to get pissed at a no shit sherlock. derr
  8. I hope you didn't take his quote erase it and put in that derogatory saying so you can get that guy banned. That'd be fucked up. Idk first thing came to my mind.
  9. Gay little drama fest.
  10. These types of threads aren't welcome here..

    You might just wanna go ahead and find a new forum to start shit on, dude.
  11. lol lovely people everytime i see you i wonder something,

    is that a picture of carlton from the fresh prince of belair as your avatar.
  12. Q.Q?
    It's all good.
  13. Hahaha, of course it is. Get it? Lovely people? Carlton?

    May aswell straight up ask a mod if you can be banned.
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    haha lol

    give psych a break,they were both out of line.

    lovely people no one needs this negative bull shit,in the GC community.

    an psych,we don't need gay drama,you should just close this thread.
  16. lovelypeople IS carlton!
  17. Wheres the fresh prince at then?
  18. Right here man.

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