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Loved and Hated High Activities

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by progmothroin, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. ITT post one activity you love to do when high and one activity you absolutely hate.

    Love: I LOVE taking a shower when I'm blazed. It's like a full body massage/sauna. :smoke:

    Hate: I hate watching sitcoms because I focus too much on the actors and how funny it would look to be standing behind the cameraman while it's being filmed.:(
  2. like:watching the news or the channel that has judge judy and shit
    hate: focusing
  3. i love just chillin out when high.
    driving really kills my high so i dont like to do that
  4. Love: Eating steak. :yummy: Or just sitting in a smoking circle with a bunch of friends.

    Hate: Going out in public, kills the buzz.
  5. Only things I don't like high are the things I don't like sober.
  6. Love: Watching movies (anyone who hasn't seen avatar high hasn't seen it) and chillin with friends in huge smoking circles.
    Hate: When I have to make my own munchies, It took me and my friend an hour to make meals whose instructions read "place in microwave, remove cover, turn on"
  7. love - eating, chillin, music

    hate - driving, making food, and people that dont stop talking about stupid shit
  8. It's indescribably awesome.

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