Lovecraftian Poetry

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  1. I wrote this poem a while ago, originally as two separate poems. I needed something to perform at a poetry slam a while ago so I threw this together. It's called Visions from Kingsport.

    The black void dances.

    Beyond the sky,
    darkness stirs.

    A darkness draws,
    A shadow out of time.
    Drawing nearer.

    Through madness it comes,
    the shadow from space eternal,
    the shadow spawned from stars infernal.

    The black void shudders.

    Beyond the stars,
    darkness flies.

    The darkness moves,
    the shadow out of time.
    Moving closer, and closer still.

    On wings of madness it flies,
    seething, writhing,
    spreading from the abyssal nihility,

    A tide of darkness from the outer-world night.

    From black gulfs,
    starless and infinite.
    A darkness draws,
    a shadow out of time,
    drawing nearer.

    Black waves crash upon the night shore,
    brackish waves from seas below,
    flowing from the twilight world
    'round which the arms of darkness curled.

    Upon the fetid streams float fetid things,
    dark shapes, putrescent and decayed.
    All 'round sit twisted scenes,
    dreamscapes, from which all light does fade.

    Abyssal vistas spread below,
    Black gulfs and Black stars,
    Inner darkness from the outer-world night,
    Black holes and Black dreams,
    Ruinous voids and alien eyes,
    Crawling chaos, howling wind from silent space.

    The black void dances.

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