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  1. sorry for posting a topic that usually only gets left for kiddie pop tunes these days... but...


    is it "real"?

    or simply a collection of all the right chemical reactions in our brains?

    perhaps a bit of both.

    I've been in love twice in my life...

    Once to a girl. (i think i mentioned her elsewhere once before here)

    And the second time... to everything.

    To have all ones love focused on one person is an intense and dangerous thing... to not have that focus returned can be a very painful thing.

    To open your love to everyone and everything has no such risk, no pain. Or at least none as intense as would be from the focus of an individual. The pain is difuse. The harsh pain would not even come from knowing the whole world has a hatred of you.

    Now i'm about to quote a somewhat sexist generalisation...

    A man wants to find the perfect woman.
    A woman wants to find a man that she thinks she can mould into her perfect man.

    so if this were true, i wouldn't be in such a state concerning the terrible condition of the world.

    the world being my love, i want to see it in good health, and perhaps even correct those bad habbits and personality flaws.

    yes if you've not guessed it yet.... i'm a bit of a hippie. :D
  2. I think love is very real. I am in a situation where I fell deeply in love and he in love with me. I am so certain that this is true love and for reasons that are very complicated we cannot be together. Not because we don't want to but it is out of our control legally. One really cool thing about it is we fell in love and sex was never involved (for more complicated reasons). I hope someday we can be together but at least I was able to experience that blissful euphoria even though it was only for a month. I am so thankful for that.

    hope that didn't bore you.
  3. "Love is strong!!!"
    Yeah it's great, but it's dangerous too, 'cos if you fell deeply in love withsomeone and don't get any kind of emotions back (expect rejection) you can become obsessed to the person, this happens with people who are "mentaly unstable" but can happen with more stable persons too. I've been in love to this girl for some 5 years and we've been "together" many times but there's this problem, she has to cheat! She has cheated everyone she's ever been with and she has told me this, that she is a "bad girl" and that her "existense is uslesess" and everything so now I've decided not to go "steady" with her, just friends..... sorry about the " marks
  4. hmmm... maybe i was a little "mentally unstable" at the time.

    kia... your tale creates much intreag for the gaps left out... was it something to do with age? was it something to do with prison? was it something to do we being a relative? something to do with a lcak of 'green card'?
  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE, all we need is LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

    Impossible as it may be..........TRUE DAT!!!!!

    Love can build a bridge, between your heart and mine.

  6. ahhhhh...... how cute!
  7. I guess I did leave out details but no it wasn't the green card one,nor was it a relative,or prison. He was 17 and I am in my mid 20's and I worked at his school as a secretary/libraian. I got fired because a note was found that I had written him-he wasn't as careful about hiding them although they were going through his binder. Anyway we never had sex but now I can't have contact with him or see him. Maybe some people think I am a pervert or whatever but I really love him. Maybe when he turns 18 we can see each other.
  8. that sucks that other peoples predjudice gets in the way of love.

    I never understood those whole work-place rules or customer,client sort of things.

    its just silly.
  9. What's the question?

    Oh yeah...

    Love is real. It's overwhelmingly real. I just don't believe that it's forever. Well, not forever with one person; although, you may always love that person in a lot of ways until the day you die. I just think that love changes so much that it's hard to be in love with one person forever. I'm into being happy and I think if life gets to a point where it's not making you happy then you need to move on to what will make you happy and sometimes that means either moving on to a new love or staying away from love for a while. It's hard for me to explain it without seeming cold, I guess. Basically, I just wanted to answer the question. Yes, I believe love is real.

  10. That's horrible!!! Love is not about Age, job, career or anything else but Two people loving eachother!
  11. Yea I believe in love, but honestly I can only remember loving 2 women in my life, and neither of them I dated, one was a coworker who I couldnt get together with because of a long story, but we hung out a lot, and I cared about her.

    The other one was in HS and I never took my chances and asked her out, even tho I think she may have had a crush on me, she was indefinently a great friend.

    Next time I feel I "love" someone as I did the above two, im going for it tho. So yea im sure "love" exists but its hard to explain what it really is.
  12. I think I love a girl right now. I've loved her for 4 years and she doesn't know it. She's my friend. As soon as I started to like her she started dating this guy and they went out for over 3 years. When they broke up I tried to get home from school to try to get with her. One of my "friends" here who knew I liked her got home first and now they are dating. With her old boyfriend I was happy as long as she was happy, but with her new one I can't stand to see them together. He fucked me and now I have to wait longer to see if it will work between us. And to make it better she's coming to school here next year so I'll get to see them together all the fucking time. At least when they break up I'll be right here to comfort her. Oh, and my "friend" has the girl of my dreams yet he's still depressed and bitches about everything. Everything is going his way, not just the fact that he's going out with the girl I love, and he still can't be happy. Makes me want to bash his head in. I need some ganja and to think happy thoughts for a while, but I'm out of ganja and there's no time for happy thoughts with all the studying I should be doing. I shouldn't even be on this site but I'm taking another break.
  13. Don't wait too long....
  14. I don't want to wait any longer. My thing is, I try to respect other people's relationships. I don't want to break something up. I'm going to patiently wait my turn and hope it works out.
  15. yeah but telling about your feelings to someone you love isn't "breaking relationships" it's information. waiting isn't going to lead anything but waiting, if you're going to wait a chance when she's not dating anyone then you're going to end up waiting forever, tell her about your feelings when the "time is right and the place is right" and by saying that I'm not meaning a moonlight and a boat etc. but just tell her, waiting for 5-6 years isn't good...
  16. love is a drug. maybe thats why its so potent, popular and addictive.

    and it's quite real.
  17. Love is the best thing there is, it can hurt you but hink about what it can give to you (yeah, I know it's not about yourself only, it's something that should be left ot of analyzing....)
  18. i beleive that people may feel strongly positive feelings for a person, but after time, that developes into love.

  19. yup.... love is real.... i just usually end up getting shafted by it in the end though.....

  20. thats it!

    thats the clue i needed.

    not that im saying everyone elses info & views & advice wasnt helpful... but this was the one bit of information i was missing.

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