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Love ya guys!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ganjaphish, Nov 4, 2001.

  1. OK So I'm a lil bit stoney, but aren't you too?
    I baked a nice phat batch of special cookies for the Tool concert tonight, which started out with a crappy set of Tricky (boo) and, well we saw Tool 2 months ago and it was much better.
    So I'm here, home and lucky to steal the computer from phishhead for a minute, who's downloading all these mp3s. I just had to sneak in and hop on grasscity to say hi!

    I have never encountered such a bunch of friendly mellow people as in these forums and I just wanted to say thanks for sharing everyone, and letting me share!

    I love ya guys and love gettin rightly stoned and throwin some music in and poppin' my head in, and of course doing the ebay addict routine.. ARGH anyone else have that problem? Try looking up UGLY! hehe

    anyway hugs and love to you all ~ hope you're having a good weekend!
  2. Nice words, always make me feel good, thanks!

    Peace and Love

  3. MUSH!!!!! LOL! I love it here and I love all you guys, too!!!
    this is way better than Y-hka!! Lots of love and hugs back out to y'all!! Let's all have a sweet stoner week and spread the love and share the smiles!! I aint lettin' nuthin' bring me down!!
    I woke up in a helluva ornry (sp) mood this morning. I been givin the ol'man & kids hell all day. Then my dad came by and I could tell he was in the same state of mind. It was funny.

    Well, I been startin plannin on the "Big Feast" already. I usually fix ham instead of turkey,bread,baked beans,cheesy taters (my 11 yr. olds reference)punkin' pie, apple pie....I usually try somethin new each year...anybody have an suggestions? Let's start a menu.....:)
  4. The best thing about this forum is the respect and friendship on this board. No bitchin', fighting, cussing, like so many other boards. I'm glad there are good folks out there to talk with.

    Now for a recipe for stonie jo:

    BPP's potatos

    Boil up a bunch of potatos to mash.
    Throw 'em in your regular potato mashing bowl.
    Add a package of cream cheese and a half a stick of butter.
    Add a sprinkling of onion powder, garlic, and chives (all to suit your own tatste)
    Add a little bit of milk to get 'em as thick or as thin as you like them!
    Mash them bastards up!

    Serve 'em up.

    Notice how my recipe has no quantities, this is a sign of an experirenced chef or a munched-out stoner. The key ingredient is the cream cheese.
  5. Big Poppa Puff those sound *** GOOD *** I will have to try them! I am a cream cheese fanatic. My bf thinks this sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen, well if that's the case I don't think I can wait!

    I saw an odd movie today, Requim for a Dream?
    Interesting, kinda fucked up..
  6. try carmels! lol what a suger rush! if that dont do it try (4 white chicken brest fryed in 151 for 1/2 hrs than make some tuffing micks in about three fingers of some good lemon tasteing weed and1/2 a lemon cut fine ,mixs and pore over the breast smooth the top and throw a few lemon slices on top for looks !bake slow on low heat for 1 1/2 hrs and a class of apple cider and a lovely women and your there!youll get feed ,stoned and laid all at the same time! if you cook it right!good luck tazz11
  7. i love ya too,(brownies made me loopy last week)
  8. i got .25 for a two pinkys!lol i like brownys too!tazz11
  9. i've got a recepie that's a heartattack in a bowl...

    Home-made Maccaroni & Cheese w/Stewed Tomatoes

    you'll need: a large roaster pot (oven safe), a box (or two) of large riggatoni noodles, about 2.5lbs of new yorker american cheese, about a gallon and a half - 2 gallons of milk, and a can of pathmark (this is VERY important) whole skinned tomatoes.

    first, you pour in the noodles (until about 3/4 of the way up the pot), boil until semi-soft. drain the water, place the noodles back in the pot, and fill with milk until the milk level is just about 1/8 inch under the top of the noodles. roughly chop the tomatoes and add, stirring when done. after this add a 1/4 inch layer of cheese on top and bake in a preheated 350 degree oven. wait until cheese is melted, stirr, add another layer of cheese. do this until it comes to the consistancy of very thick stew (be careful not to add too much cheese or it'll get too thick). take out of the oven, let cool, and add salt and pepper to taste. serve in a bowl.

    note: if it gets too thick you can always add a little milk to loosen it up some.
  10. wassup ganjaphish i ain't talked to u before i'm DaWodin's buddie, he told me to look out for ya so wassup?
  11. this place always has the love
  12. Ganja...........I have no recipes to share at this time but its good to hear from you. Love you too.........I'm glad everything is going well for you!!!!!!!
  13. much love out to all the blades... this is one groovy place to just come and chill :)
  14. mm-k....I was just gonna do one more binger and then go to bed........but now I'm you guys!!

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