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  1. I am not big on "advertising" things or whatever....but I LOVE THIS frickin grinder.......I have only ever had maybe 3 grinders .....but this one is a keeper.....Im thinking about ordering 3 or 4 more just for backups! lol

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  2. I've had this one for years. love it. the grinding area is concaved and can fit a lot more weed then the flat grinders in it.
    20190819_082933.jpg 20190819_082910.jpg
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  3. Oh that's pretty cool!!!!!!
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  4. The very first grinder I ever got, I think 14 years old? I still use it, only for homegrown weed though. the homegrown stuff is so sticky I don't want it to gum up the nice grinder. haha 20190819_130804.jpg
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  5. :lmafoe:....I used to have something similar!
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    let’s see the inside of that Kozo, Kronik!
    I wanna see them teeth!

    I have been running steady with my Santa Cruz ever since I gave up on Space Case after going through 3 of them for various (stupid) reasons.
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  7. Sure thing

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  8. I like the look of them teeth!!! :pimp:

    similar to the ones in my Shredder

    example pic:
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  9. Just ordered one due to the reviews from you guys.
    Cant wait to try it out. Screenshot_20191101-210212_Amazon%20Shopping.jpg

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  10. That grinder is shit. if you actually want the best grinder you can buy then get a phonecian. That’s just another shitty grinder you can buy at a corner store.

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    What a real grinder looks like, I won’t use anything else. I get a little upset inside when I have to.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Three features make this better than any other shitty mass produced gas station grinders.
    1- no threads, it interlocks but not with tight threads that will end up being the first thing to fail.
    2- the grinder has blades that brake the flower up instead of crushing it into a powder you get a much better consistency. [​IMG]
    And lastly the Leif catching chamber is curved and it came with a guitar pick which is a better tool for cleaning out the keif because it fits the curve of the surface perfectly.

    And it has an extremely durable anodized finish. They also come hermetically vacuum sealed and have product ID numbers on them

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  12. says the Kid looking for a $300 Book on growing weed.... Give your head a shake

    3 a light

    There is NOTHING special about your grinder.

    P.s. your "indestructible" anodized finish is chipping
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  13. Any grinder with threads is crap, any grinder that is no different from one you can buy at a corner store.

    I’m not looking to spend $300 on a book, I’m looking for someone who has it and can tell me what it says. Maybe if you read my post you would see that.

    Phonecian grinders > all other grinders, find me one that isn’t a piece of shit like OP is buying that is anywhere near the quality of my grinder, which I’ve owned now for 4 fuckin years so yeah it’s chipped on the outside from having been dropped on concrete and all kinds of surfaces, but I can scrape the inside CLEAN with a razor and not worry about pieces of the coating coming out in my keif or my bud. No chipping on the inside of this grinder at all. Just a small amount of wear on the razor blades that grind the cannabis, because blacks of metal shaped like a square or a triangle that aren’t made to cut only pulverize your flower and if it’s too wet then it gets all clogged up and won’t fall to the next chamber.

    You’re just upset someone is talking crap about the cheap garbage grinder you rant and rave about and buy on amazon, one of the worst retailers that is ruining the global economy and destroying people’s lives and businesses. Sorry you don’t like the truth, you don’t have to be an asshole about it.

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  14. Just want to let you know that you sound like a moron “NOTHING special about my grinder” is your piece of $20 crap made out of aerospace grade aluminum?

    This grinder is a 10/10 everything else isn’t even a 6/10. Find me a better grinder, I’m waiting.

    Phoenician Herb Grinder Review - ExpertsofHerb

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    cry about it

    this is personal preference.

    thats why I wrote your "looking for a $300 book" not looking to spend $300?
    Maybe if you could read you would see that?

    Literally any high quality grinder is just as good or better than your grinder.
    you sound like a fan boy for a pop group.
    your grinder isn't that special. seriously.
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  16. your just mad someone is talking shit about the cheap grinder you got on amazon
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  17. I HONESTLY don't think you will be disappointed...........i am sure this is against the rules...........but if you don't like it, ill buy it from I wouldn't mind having another one on hand
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    Hey Look what I found!

    Phoenician Grinders are made of Aerospace grade aluminum

    Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 8.16.54 PM.png
  19. This is COMPLETELY personal preference........... I have NEVER seen my grinder in a gas station.......

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