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  1. quite happy to have stumbled onto this site. ive been an on and off again grower and have recently bought a house and decided to turn my shit little basement into the sweetest set of rooms that i have ever had the pleasure to run. prob just a small scale to mid scale operation for me and a few close friends. maybe 20 clones 20 veg and 20 flowering. am hoping for a couple pounds every couple months which i use to easily get. i think i was about a pound and a half per 1000. so i should have no prob. i ordered some seeds and figured id start from scratch. i got some white widow, bubble gum, northern lights, crystal, ice , and big bud. ive done the big bud before and if i remember correctly it wasnt really my fav. and i had a cross of the northern lights with a white rhino, it was killer and am pumped to see the lights on its own. i started a veg room about 4' by 5' with 1000 halide. hopefully i can keep it cool enough. i was thinkin as well i might go on a monthly harvest, i got a couple of 1000 hps and figured my veg room would not be as packed with plants if i went monthly. my flowering room is probably about 14 by 9 i got an ozonator i used to use but i live with children now so i was thinkin bout gettin charcol any suggestions?
  2. welcome to the city

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