Love the weed scene here:

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    I got 2 G's of legit Sour Disel for $35 straight from the dude who gets like Lb's and shit.

    Shit gets me fucking lit off of 1 hit.

    So I gave a kid a G for $25, and another kid .6 for $15...

    shits good lol $5 profit and I still have smoked for the past 3 days hahaha...

    Discussion of dealing isn't allowed here at Grasscity. -BW

    all this was in a fake video game called "Connecticut" and the other characters will pay alot for good weed... I'm LIT! in the game... yeah video game ?
  2. Yeah ive played that game before maybe man?
  3. Yeah, can you believe that GameSpot rated it 8.5/10?
  4. Sometimes I have two controllers going at once.
  5. I need a new Xbox420 to play that game.
  6. I heard the new 420's are made from hemp...
  7. damn yo i got introuble for this thread hahaha... i wasn't dealing I "gave" 2 kids some and they dropped money on the ground and I picked it up?
  8. my favorite weed scene is the first scene from the show "weeds"

    sooo much danky goodness =(
  9. yeah?
  10. did it again twice
  11. i dont play that game because its too easy to get game over

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