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  1. any advice on improving chances of feming? what do the girls like?
    humidity.....more water,nutes,heat,romantic music......want to improve my ratio a bit.
  2. the site recommended isn't relavent to my question. there are growing conditions that can be applied to encourage sex, such as humidity. please Dude next time read the question correctly! now any ideas? and again i'm not cloning.

    thnx, p
  3. Yeah you can do some things to help, but it mainly depends on the strain you are working with. Some require less humidity than others and some get stressed easily making them hermies or male.... But it really all depends on the actual seed man. It's not like breeding alligators by putting the egg in a warm or cool room to determine the sex.

    If you take good care of your plant and keep an eye on it a couple times a day along with talking to it and giving it good nutes and soil, I am sure you will get a fem plant out of it. That is from my past experiences anyways, I have noticed if I have a batch of plants going and I am unable to tend to them everyday they usually come out not as healthy and most of them hermies. But since I have a lot of free time now and spend hours with my plants and talk to them when I can along with playing some mellow Bob Marley, I haven't had a male or hermie pop up in over 5 grows since I have given them more attention....

    Females in any situation always need and want a lot of attention. Just treat your plants like a lady and in most cases it will become one. But maybe I have telepathic abilities. :smoke:

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