Love Stinks!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Bstick, Oct 29, 2002.

  1. this thread is for people who have had there heart broken by someone they loved deeply.

    i had my heat broken about 5-6 months ago. and while me and Amber went out i was drug and booze free for 10 months strong.. well after we had a huge fall out and everything went down. i began drinking and smoking weed again.. even fell into the cocaine seen that i promised myself i would never get back into again. she calls me everyonce in awhile to see if im single.. which i am. and it breaks my heart to know that she doesnt want me back..

    well this thread is dedicated to people who have cared to much for one person and need to move on with there lives..

    i know i do .. and i will

    much love people
  2. Love?

    I can't honestly say i know what you're talking about (completely), i guess I've just never met anyone that can accept me for who I am. I do have some insight into the subject, perhaps from my lack of it. I'll quote myself from a post I made earlier today:
    "love means something different to everyone. if you're lucky you'll find the woman to which love stands for 'you'.

    Of course there are also those to which love means nothing at all...

    I don't know what catagory I fall into.

    Oh, regarding your drinking and cocaine use, my general rule of thumb is to just stick to the herb. Though I deviate from that occasionally I at least try to stay away from substances I know to be addictive by nature. Stay off the coke 'n booze, for your own sake.

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