love my sister but sick of her....

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  1. Love my sister to death but she has fucked up every single one of my friendships by fucking everyone of my friends an driving a wedge in em (that is disrespect at its best) well she ended up doing it with my last friend I had an its really really fucking pissing me off

    Now I'm out $120 because I loaned him cash before I found all this out an my hot headedness confronted him about it (in a civil way) haven't heard from him in a day an a half an I am about to lose my fucking cool.

    What would you do in this situation? I can't beat the shit out of him or I'll be in prison (on probation) but this shit has my heart pumping so fucking hard that I want to bash my head into a concrete wall

    Sorry if this is a dumb topic delete it if you must just venting an in need of insight
  2. Day and a half dude.
  3. Just call him up

    -hey dude
    -remember those 120 bucks i gave you? I kinda need em back. I'm getting my sister neutered.
  4. Ahh ok. You got me confused there! :bongin:
  5. Who cares if they fuck?
  6. beat the fuck out of him unless ur a bitchSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  7. Yeah man, are you so disgusted from your sister?
    What if all these dudes could've been great friends?
    She''S gonna fuck somebody anyway. Can end up having a kickass brother in law.

    They'll probably get over it at some point otherwise and there's no reason to stop being friends.
    ^I'm high as fuck and don't care much to make sense

    What happened w the 120 op?
  8. Is it me or have you made this thread multiple times and added new info each time?
  9. Best advice dude, I know it's mad disrespectful of your friend to fuck your sister dude but honestly, get your money and get the fuck out of there then just go ghost on your sister and ditch that piece of shit friend of yours Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  10. Wanna be friends? 
  11. I advise you to ask him over for a smoke , he gets high but you stay conscious , then you interrogate him and frisk him while he's tripping . Take all the cash he's got on him then drive him into the middle of the woods and dip out of that bitchSent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
  12. Yea I accidentally posted 2 of these when the grass city app tweeked out. But naw didnt add any new info.

    This shits daaaays old tho resolved all this shit. Got the money an yea ig it would be better to have a badass bro in law then a fucking twat.

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