love my sister but sick of her....

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  1. Love my sister to death but she has fucked up every single one of my friendships by fucking everyone of my friends an driving a wedge in em (that is disrespect at its best) well she ended up doing it with my last friend I had an its really really fucking pissing me off

    Now I'm out $120 because I loaned him cash before I found all this out an my hot headedness confronted him about it (in a civil way) haven't heard from him in a day an a half an I am about to lose my fucking cool.

    What would you do in this situation? I can't beat the shit out of him or I'll be in prison (on probation) but this shit has my heart pumping so fucking hard that I want to bash my head into a concrete wall

    Sorry if this is a dumb topic delete it if you must just venting an in need of insight
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    Your sister has fucked all your friends? Well... Hate to break it to you, but as a person of free will, she can fuck anyone she wants... Sucks I know, it's your sister man.

    But just ask for your money off the guy, no need to start flipping shit and going crazy, after all friends are just people who's company you enjoy.
  3. All of em I'm sure. Ik its free will that I get its the disrespect that my friends show me that really pisses me off especially when I ask an they lie straight to my face like I'm not going to find out

    Wish I had a few favors from the mafia (tire fire anyone?)
  4. i love you're sister too
  5. Pic's of your sister
  6. Maybe they lie so you don't go ape shit and start beating the fuck out of them? If you find out when they aren't around, gives them a chance to run.
  7. Yes OP. Pics or we don't believe you
  8. Hmmm good point lmao. Oh well shit happens fuck it
    Thanks for the insight man
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    Don't believe me lol since when do random strangers opinions mean shit to me haha? But srsly how do you post pics?
  10. im not a random stranger bruh
  11. Ight bruh lmao make me a sandwich an some coffee then
  12. yo sister makin me a sandwich cuh
  13. Bro..your sister loves the d
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    I'm sure she is hope you enjoy cock meat and peanut butter lmfao
  15. Your angry at the wrong person bro patch shit up with your friend and yell at you sister and stop being a pussySent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
  16.  why don't you just fuck her friends and see how she feels?
  17. HAHA. I would hate if my sister was like that. 
  18. Hmmm thanks for the idea man can't believe my dumbass never thought of that (no sarcasm)
  19. Done this thousands of times (well maybe hundreds) but always bights me in the ass. An yea I am what I eat man enjoy me some meat tacos
  20. Why don't you just quit being a cock and talk to you sister And then patch shit p with your friend Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum

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