Love my significant other but Im falling for my bf

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  1. I decided to do write this blog bc I've been with my partner for eight years and i thought he was the one. But I met someone two years ago that I can't stop thinking about and he feels the same. But I don't know how to approach this cuz I want both of them in my life

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    Don't be a cheating whore. Pick one and send the other packing. You don't get both of them. That's fucking selfish. Or selfish fucking... either way.
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  3. you dont want both of them in your life, you want one and guilty of rejecting the other. gotta make a decision either way, dont dangle them along.
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    Took me a while to realize OP meant best friend.
    Don't be a slut.
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  5. Double penetration
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  6. gonna suck when they both dump you for cheating on them..
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  7. Well I think the consensus is do not be a slutty mcsluterson and choose one guy.  Don't string them along :poke:
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    Lawlz @ us all being extra sensitive to this topic
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  9. Wow two people love you... must be terrible some people just get unlucky I guess.
    For real tho pick one soon cause if one finds out bout the other youll lose both of them. And if one guy already knows about the other hes a homewrecker scumbag Id toss that one to the curb.
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  10. I've been the guy left in the cold before. It's better to just make a decision so he can get on with his life without you instead of dragging it along.
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  11. Especially if OP has wasted 8 years of his life... Damn this one is for him
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  12. C'mon, guys, really with the slut/whore words? She didn't say she was fucking them, only that she had feelings. I can relate. 
    I don't think it's wrong to simply have feelings. No one gets the power to dictate those but you, it's a rare occasion that we have any control over our feelings, and for myself personally, I don't think that my having feelings for a certain person at all undermines the feelings I have for another. The human heart has an amazing ability to feel all sorts of emotions for all sorts of people.
    But, that's if we're just talking about feelings. If you're talking about taking positive action, and the terms of your present relationship stress fidelity, then you need to work that out. You can't build love and trust on top of hurt and deceit -- by that, I mean end the current relationship if you're wanting to start another one. Or see if you can't expand the terms of your current relationship (it's highly unlikely this will happen, but could be worth a shot if you love one another enough and have similar philosophies about relationships). 
  13. Go mormon
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    I am in the EXACT SAME place. I have been with my husband for 10 years. long long story short, I have been having an affair with me and my husbands best friend. I thought it was going to be a purley sexual thing, but its not. At this point im not sure who I want to be with. Although I am leaning towards my BF......
  15. Man you just love the D don't you ?
    It's the brain not the heart.
  17. Grow the nutz to get out.
  18. Life is short, and 8 years is a long time. Don't lead him on. Its your choice to make, nobody here can make it for you.

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    You better be trolling...that's fucking disgusting. I hope he catches you, kicks your ass to the curb, and the judges give you nothing. You deserve none or his love, affection, time nor trust. And when he hopefully finds out exactly what you are, I hope he's smart enough to gather evidence for a court-room divorce in which you receive no alimony. 
    Oh, and same message to o.p. minus the divorce and alimony, you are only slightly better of a person than firefly1628, if you are being physical with your 'best friend' if not, make a damn decision already.
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  20. I'm not trying to hate but damn is this common for women to do or what? 
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