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  1. So the other day this crazy stalker chick is pulling out of my driveway when this tall, black, dreaded haired dude walks up to me and asks if I smoke. I look around to make sure my neighbors aren't out and I'm like sure. He proceeds to tell me about his buddy that just bought a pound of kush in Detroit, etc, tells me he lives two houses down, and gives me his digits.
    So fast forward to last night, like me and six buddies are blazin in the garage when I rememer have this number, so I text the guy and ask him what his prices are and next thing I know he's knockin on my garage door. I'm all WTF I have no money so my buddy hands me some cash and I walk outside, meet up with the dude in his car down the street and proceed to buy the highest quality cheapest dime I've ever bought. We smoked the dino and decided we would definitely be buying some kush off this guy. Still can't believe I found an amazing hookup practically next door. I'm just a little nervous he knows where I live. You gotta remember my roomate and I are like the only white people in this whole neighborhood, there hve been two gang fights on out street lol. What do you guys think about this, good hookup or to sketchy?
  2. From what you said I wouldn't trust shit, but thats just me and I don't know your circumstances.
  3. Expect the worse and as long as you hold your cool throughout confrontation with this subject, who knows maybe later on he will become much more than a dealer to you.
  4. Fuck that. He is working you....first he will hook you up legit so you will come back a few more times to where u will feel you trust him to get like an OZ or sumin...then he will jack you of that....then he will probably rob ur house...
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    If you're 100% sure that he actually lives where he says he does, I wouldn't worry. Sounds like a new dealer who spotted a couple of stoners down the street, and decided to be friendly. Get to know him, and make your own judgement.
    In my experience, most of the people who tend to rip off other people, don't deal with anything close to quality nug.

    Edit: Also, the fact that he came to your place when you texted him gives him some legitimacy (in my opinion at least).
    The way I look at it, he's smart and knows not to talk about dealing in texts, and he's probably a pretty reliable dealer.

  6. i agree. you should be good
  7. I'm a pretty legit guy, don't worry dude. The only reason I came knocking on your door was when you texted me I expected you to buy some, so I came with a Q in my back pocket and wanted you to buy that. If you like what you got, you always know where to get more.

  8. lollol
  9. i wouldnt have even called the number.

    I mean shit..why would you text him? Remember the story bout the kid texing the sheriff? lol

    man you never know who you are texting, or calling with a number like that so you should at least call to fuckin see who it is before straight up making a deal in a single text.

    and i dunno i probably would not buy from him again. for him you are probably a good connect, and vise versa, theres just the trust issue, and everyone is unpredictable.
  10. yes like a lover . just saying you never know
  11. If you ask me i say he's the chronic man..that wants to deliver the finest herbs to ya!! don't be afraid of a blackman wit dreads..he's only tryin to help!!
  12. He lives down the street, I wouldn't break the connection unless I had to.
  13. I wouldn't fuck with it unless your strapped.
  14. I suspect something like this as well. Maybe he won't rob you but I bet he will start to short you, charge worse prices, etc.

    Just work your way up slowly to larger sacks, and of course follow the rule of never paying in advance.
  15. im pretty sure if he lived almost next to you he wonr rob u cuz u can go fck him up and make sure he lives there he may not... and its kidna creepy he pulled out of ur driveway
    like he somehow magicly knew u smoke weed..?
  16. WTF type of shit is this?!? are yall scared of black people? he was probally just hooking you up because its your first time buying from him. all black people arent working to set you up and dont just go picking on white people.

    i know a lot of white people that come down to the city to buy. its so many white people that hang in out hood and have no trouble. SMH @ the scared people with over active imaginations.
  17. nobody's scared of black people. Just realistic in today's society
  18. seems like somebody is scared of something. everybody doesnt just go around trying to rip people off.

    if it was a white guy would the OP still have been worried? would some of the replies have been the same?
  19. So how many times did he stab you? :D

  20. do you even leave your house? you sound hella paranoid.

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