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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by OckhamsRazor, May 4, 2011.

  1. Been here a few days - there are a lot of features to the site that are extremely handy that I haven't encountered in other sites. There also seems to be a good deal of functionality to my ability to tailor the appearance (although I'm not a skinner - that probably makes some folks stoked :) )

    Understand that we're talking about the facade on the building here, ok? What's inside is priceless. It's silly to discuss the value of it. Infinity is the value of the Grass City Collective Mind, and that's all they is to it.

    Due to my sincere and most heartfelt belief that our favorite plant should produce inner peace and kindness --> at the very least amongst ourselves <-- it has been dismaying to see some fighting in threads. And guess what, I'm not going to talk about who is right. Nope. Something totally different.

    When YOU start a grow thread, some douchebag named Ock is gonna show up some day to read it. And he might even be a detailed attentive reader (no, that creature is not a myth) and read 40 fucking pages of your log only to turn the page and find out that he'll never see the outcome of your hypothesis that wrapping blue and red christmas bulbs around your plants (depending on phase, duh) would individually provide light for them. I KNOW the outcome - you set your grow room on fire. But I want to see pictures of it before and after, goddammit! :wave:

    But because your best friend boinked your Mom, and it creeped you out, and the grow room was in his house, now you can't show us the end of what happened. If I tell you I boinked your Mom too, would you please show some pics of your results with the plants? If I let you boink MY mom? What's this going to take here? We here for knowledge or drama? I'm pretty committed to the info, dude. My Mom is incontinent, but screw it it - I'll set ya up if I get to see the end of a 40 FREAKING PAGE THREAD!

    All fun aside, unfinished grow threads lost to silly drama make baby jesus cry. True story.

    Speaking of that, it's also annoying if you host your own pics and don't at least offer your pics to the website admins so they can keep your (many times) extraordinary thread still extraordinary. Example: A picture is worth a thousand words, and if you're doing a thread on a 10 step method of something where a very informative picture is inserted at each step - offer the site to store your pics that go with the thread. They'll either say it isn't worth the space or they'll gladly welcome the opportunity to keep an informative thread on the site (my guess), but either way, you'll have done the right thing for the community.

    General feedback is a fairly broad topic - and so was my response. Thanks to anyone willing to slog through it :)

    Good times to all,
    Ock :cool:
  2. I didn't understand anything.

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