Love it...

Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. When that buzz kicks in.
  2. I hear that. I smoked a few bowls out of the bong with my neighbor about 20 minutes ago and the high just really crept up and got me.

    Yup, just sitting back and relaxin' for the rest of the night.
  3. Its 1:30 in the mornin feelin good after a long bullshit day.
  4. Wow that's really weird.. I'm sitting here doing the same. Listening to a little SomaFM-CliqHop, buggin' out, lovin' it, grovvin' it (<<- what?) lulz. Anyway, night boys hahah :D
  5. hell its 5:30 am here, still drinkin.

    gotta go to work at 7 or i gotta go back to jail, oh well.

    i love my life.
  6. Blunt in my mouth as we speak.

    Still waitin for them munchies too kick in though. Got some damn good Chinese food waitin for me.

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