Love Is The Pedestal Of God

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  1. Sometimes, one has to wonder... What is Love? It seems to evoke a rather pleasant experience, yet how deep is it that we've pondered the existence of such a marvel.
    It seems to lend itself to a certain cause, it would seem to me. It is much like a guiding force when observed from afar, with an objective point of view.
    Yet it strikes one to wonder, what is it? And as all know... One question isn't enough is it?
    The subject of our curiosity plagues us with swarms of pondering. Queries that fly chirping through the fog of our head, obviously lending itself to clearing that dense obstacle in our own thoughtful endeavour's.
    Dare I submit my own questions, and likewise, my answers to them? Dare I bare my timid chest to this craven nest of goblins? Seek I the appraisal of others? But of course! For only then can the path be established into the heart of intellectual discourse.
    Only then can the true thirst be quenched. Only then my curiosity appeased.
    So let us begin.
    What is it that I Love?
    Everything that matters at least.
    What matters and what doesn't?
    The things that I Love, matter. The rest do not.
    Now lets ask, what is God?
    To be simple, we can say that God is everything, But this requires us to elucidate upon the idea of "everything".
    I think it's actually easiest to describe God through a metaphor.
    The sunlight, when directed through a crystal prism will put forth a light that contains all the colors of the rainbow.
    These individual colors, or lights, are distinctly different from each other and the principle light, yet they together are what comprises the initial light.
    Each colour can be considered as a certain personality trait, or rather, a set of personality traits. Now lets complicate this a little more, in hopes of acquiring a deeper understanding.
    Colours appear different from other colours due to the difference in vibration. Our perception of the sensory stimulus that is vibration, is perceived as the colours we see. The same can be said of our sense of Hearing, Feeling, Tasting, and Smelling.
    What we are experiencing through means of our senses, is the vibration of a particular type of energy. It is also very probable, that our senses due not encompass all the types of energy, or rather sets of types of energy, But this is getting rather complicated so let's move on.
    My experience leads me to believe that Love is simply the complete awareness of something. It is the awareness of the consciousness of the object of your Attention and Love. When one is unable to Love, the world becomes a depressing place, where nothing holds the warm vigor of life, that fuels that happiness and creativity that is so prevalent in children. 
    What is special about a child is that they Love everything around them, and their consciousness experiences every "colour" of the spectrum, but when that absolute Love of everything around them begins to diminish, their life itself begins to diminish and they begin to die. 
    The reason that Love fades is due to traumatic events in life. Each of these events is of a certain vibration and "colour", and when some traumatic even occurs, that damages you, sometimes there is Hateful feelings embraced by the person, and this person distances them self from this situation, thus cutting them self off from an aspect of the full spectrum that is God.
    To be spiritual and evolve to our fullest potential, we attempt to become as reflections of God, but through lack of Love we are unable to Realize God, thus we fall lower and lower out of the grace of God, for we forget God.
    Love of All. Love of Self. Love of that which causes you Fear. Love that defeats the Hate Within and Without.
    These are the Keys to God
    These are the Keys to Life
    These are the Keys of Love

  2. I was pretty fucked up when I wrote this, but I'm still sad that no one responded :(
  3. ill start by saying i only read about half of your post.  that being said, i think i understand what you're saying.  people try to describe the effects of "god" in many ways (think holy ghost as an example).  semantics, in my opinion, are so limiting and misleading that they all but prevent someone from "sharing" their "knowledge" of "god" in any accurate fashion to someone who doesn't yet, at least slightly, understand the concept for themselves.  
    god is love.  love is god.  i believe that what i (and like minded individuals) consider to be pure love is "god."  it's subtle, underlying, but infinitely significant.  i could go on, but if you're going to understand where i'm coming from, then you probably already do. 
  4. Love is the most mysterious of emotions, the most strongest and the most cumbersome. Some times it is unbearable, some times it will make you the happiest you have every been. Some times though, it will make you long for something you can't have and cause you great grief and sadness.

    I have gone through all with love. But unlike all other emotions it can make you feel the most alive and almost as if you've entered another state of being. True love, if that is real, is a miraculous thing and can really change who a person is.
  5. I think a lot of people confuse love with obsession or selfishness wanting to keep someone as theirs and only theirs. BUT one has to really question, is love free will? or genetic predisposition? 
    Why do we hate kids then when having one love it more then anything else on earth?
    Why do we hurt so much when lose people? death, lost feelings etc)
    free will or not?
    On the god thing...... we cannot prove it exists or the opposite theory (big bang, aliens etc) BUT regardless of either or, evolution is real and has happened with us and animals.
  6. People always.claim God is love.

    But neithoe history nor the Bible support this.claim

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  7. God is love - man is not always.
  8. I read most of this but came to the conclusion that your perspective on the idea that "God is love" is centered around the idea, assuming  that A.) you believe in a god or some all mighty being that created everything and/or B.) that the ideas of a god/goddess figure thing are still intertwined with every aspect of life.
    However, I personally feel that while love can be a supportive drive, it is something that many do not understand because of how our society "sells love" nowadays. The things we romanticize like mental illness or low self-esteem leave some to believe that love is having a crutch, not something to improve your life. Someone to tell you you look good in certain things but not being able to tell them how you really feel, or thinking one person is worth throwing all the dice in for (regardless of all the super bad consequences that happen, in certain situations), to some that is the "Love" they get from this "God" I have been told about.
    Like literally yesterday I was watching some murder show about how a woman and pastor (both married) had an affair, kill the woman's husband and thought no one would know. This is what I think of when I think of extreme cases of "love" and "god" being thrown in the mix. That and how Christianity came and colonized areas and shamed them for believing in anything that they thought as expressing love..
    I don't think I would say that Love is the pedestal to god, but I would say that love is a really strong force in nature and life.
    But my view point on the ideas of god; they are interpretations for the actual forces, but that is me simply summing it up for the sake of rambling.
  9. Man created God. So God can only be as good as man

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    Man created the anthropomorphic god. Where as the real thing, the conscious Universe, which has nothing to do with any religious view, reveals a love that most have no real concept of.
  11. sorry to answer you but this is exactly what came to mind....
  12.  I think its an evolutionary trait to help humans co-exist, it evolves in the subconscious. Do animals love? or do they just care about their offspring as a matter of survival? How much of what we perceive as love is just a matter of insecurity and neediness? Personally love brings glimpses of contentment and happiness.... it also makes me week and dependent. Love nothing but protect what you care for.
    Because it's a bunch of ill-ridden rhetoric.
  15. OP you never heard of "God is Love"?
    When I speak of love, I do not mean an emotion, but a force. What you have described is a mixture of emotions that accompany Desire. Desires are not a product of Love, although they may be confused with it. The root of most if not all desires stems from the physical aspect of our conscious existence.
    The body is a template that is born unto the world with preset reactions to all types of stimulus. This is essentially the Body, and it holds a lesser degree of importance in relation to those aspects of ourselves which hold a higher degree of importance.
    The Love that I speak of can be better understood by realizing its opposite counterpart, Fear.
    In essence, Love is the attractive force of the universe, and fear is the repulsive force of the universe.
    I'm tired right now, so I will give examples later.
    What a ridiculous thing to say. 
    Firstly, you have no idea what would support this claim for the very statement you made seems contrary to holding an understanding of what i'm saying. 
    Secondly. What in God's name does the bible have to do with this? And why exactly would that need to support this claim.
    History does not support this claim, but all of existence does.
    Everything is but ONE THING. Once you remove the idea of separation from all that exists, you are left with the ONE THING.
    The word that best describes the attribute of the cohesion within this one thing and it's true lack of boundaries is the word LOVE.
    The word that best describes the universal attribute of separation, which is essentially the illusion that things are separate from one another is FEAR, the repulsive and dividing energy.
    When an organism first becomes an organism, it is due to the removal of fear from all its parts and the integration of love. A single celled organism is a product of atoms working in unison to form a type of system, a universe unto itself. One Being.
    But then there is fear which divides one single celled organism from another, thus they are seen as separate beings, separate entities. It is through the loss of Fear and the power of Love that these organisms come together in cohesion to create another WHOLE which consists of smaller parts which were once individually WHOLE themselves.
    You most obviously must now understand that the words Fear, and Love are defined here in an entirely more metaphysical manner. Something which is easily understood if one puts the effort.
  18. Man can encompass the idea of the infinite in an idea, but you are simply holding onto a very primitive idea of God, to be able to so describe it.
  19. I very much enjoyed watching this. Thank you.

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