Love Hurts

Discussion in 'General' started by DoubleP, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. Has anyone ever been in love with a best friend but couldn't grow a pair and tell them, it fucking hurts.

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  2. grow some fool

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  3. Yep. The thing is - there's no point in telling them you Love them if they don't love you back. That can be creepy, and just makes people uncomfortable.

    It's not like in the movies where the characters go Awwww... that's so sweet of you! No.. in the real world, it just makes people wish they could tell you to go away.. in the most polite manner that is humanly possible.

    You're not supposed to tell someone you Love them until you're at least 6-12 months into the relationship or something. If he or she loved you back, the relationship would have happened naturally on its own. Eye contact is a good indicator, too.

    Also - it is very dangerous to rely on a single person as a way of finding happiness. You really gotta open yourself up to the world.. develop a Player mentality.. and just keep your options open. If someone doesn't want to be with you - fine - there's so many other people who would buy your product. You gotta find your own market. You can't sell Star Trek action figures to Star Wars fans.

    Excuse the tough love. I've been there myself, that's why I'm saying this to you.
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  4. I don't believe in platonic relationships so I stopped having friends altogether. Girls sometimes don't get it that all I think about all day is sex. No sex on the table, no friends to be had. Girls, man.
  5. All my best friends have been lads so not really lol

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  6. Yeah, my first love. We were friends, but there were a couple of times we could have been together, but I was too socially retarded to recognize her cues at the time.
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  7. nope lol I have who I want.:)
  8. Story of my life bro

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  9. Only once...We dated for quite awhile.

    And then...Like everything my hand touches, it erupted into flames and became ash.

    This is why they don't let me have nice things.:coolalt:
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  10. See, when gods interact with us mortals, the story always goes bad.
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