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  1. I hate my damn love handles. Ive tried crunches and sit ups but no results? Does anyone know of a really effective way to get rid of them?!
  2. lol classic mistake. DONT DO CRUNCHES. Crunches add muscle to your abdominals and the result is a bigger gut! Also do you realize how silly you sound? Not to be demeaning, but i'm guessing that since you have love handles, your not exactly at 4% BF everywhere else on your body... The point im building up to is this. You absolutely cannot spot reduce fat. Meaning you can't just do crunches and expect to have a six pack while your still at 25% BF or whatever every else on your body.
    My advice is to stop doing crunches, just run...that's the easy party. The hard part is your diet, your body fat is a result of about 20% exercise and 80% diet. SO watch what you eat boy.
  3. Well I wear a size 5/6 and weigh 129lbs. Seems like my fat usually gets stored in the lower part of my stomach, oddly. Been thinking about running anyways so ill def. Give that a try.. thanks :) .. btw **girl
  4. Can't change where your body stores fat, all you can do is lose it: like ATLiens said, its mostly diet...btw, my love handles seem to be the last thing that wants to go
  5. OP, sit ups will make your abs bigger, which may at first tighten up your stomach, but then it'll just make your abs bigger, which could push the layer of fat about them out.
    Burn calories.
    Look up your BMR online, eat 500 less than that, start lifting and doing cardio.

    Edit: Didn't see this beforehand, but ATLiens basically said what I'm trying to say.
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    You mos def can't spot reduce fat. Your body reduces fat evenly throughout your body.
    Most girls i know that workout do 2 hours of jogging and do a couple light weight sets on some machines. this is a really shitty workout because it won't do anything. Start interval running (2min sprint as fast as you can then 1min jog, repeat this until you reach 30minutes+). this workout will burn more fat and cals than 2 hours of jogging. plus it will increase your metabolism which means you can burn more fat throughout the day even when you aren't working out.

    if there's one mistake that a lot of chicks make is that they don't lift weights. chicks who lift weights in my gym are always fitter, stronger, looked sexier, toner than the chicks who only did jogging. Also, if you could only do one lifting workout, it would be squats. squats burn the most fat, are really intense if done right, makes your ass tighter, legs sexier. also, loosing fat/gaining muscle takes quite a while so keep working out and you'll see results.

    in the end you have to push yourself, most girls half ass their workouts and they wonder why they don't get results, so go do work son!
  7. build some muscle- more muscle will demand more energy
    do isometric training for your abs rather than movements. i.e do planks and leg hangs rather than situps. this will keep your abs from getting large and making your stomach look bigger than it needs to.
    diet is the most important thing.
    also, do your cardio fasted. you will lose wayyyy more fat.
  8. cardio, eat better, and some ab exercises couldn't hurt. I do the p90x ones though, those workouts work well for me, saw results in less than 2 weeks, i dont know if you want a six pack though sorry.
  9. I would raise my level of cardio, maybe look into HIIT, or just increase the intensity and duration of the cardio I like to do, running, swiming, whatever. I would try to clean up my diet by simply eating more fruits, veggies & protein, and cutting down on fats and junk food. Then I'd start lifting weights, like livelaughlearn said ^ , squats are crucial and weight training encourages all sorts of great things for you fitness and health wise.

    Simple stuff really, just eat better, up the level of your cardio and do some strength training.
  10. cardio is whats gonna do it for you. ab excercises will give your abs definition, once you get the fat off the front of them. doing crunches will also help you keep your gut tight instead of letting it loose

  11. Abs are made in the kitchen, and cardio can only help

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