Love Dancing

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  1. Awakened to the thumps you leave as ya dance,
    As if chasing the sounds of endless romance,

    Join you I must as we carry it through,
    Rhythm is best when you know you're on cue,

    And away we float out the doorway we pass,
    Into the night flooded black colored grass,

    Amusing we are running wild in circles,
    Twirling like crazies must be blazing some urkel

    And your smile, oh your smile does provoke,
    Consistent firing in my heart bursting love is no joke

    See you fuel all my passions as we dance beneath moon,
    Side to side you lead me, going home? Not so soon

    Since the night doth inquire why we ruin her slumber,
    Let me handle her nonsense as she'll soon start to wonder

    Take us to the sand to the stars I command,
    Letting go is no option hang on tight to my hand

    Dance for miles I care not, in the distance the sun,
    Hurry up night'll drop, rising dawn has begun

    Made it just the right moment spinning long waters edge,
    Encouraging morning break with the dances we fledge

    And the rays hit your neck eyes closed you connect,
    Feel the warmth we lay down beside tide not a sound,

    With the earth to our back up above cloudless space, I really wouldn't mind, us, here, forever embraced

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