Louisiana Wants To Put You In Jail If You Embarrass Anyone Under 17 Years Old Online

Discussion in 'General' started by mushroomsatsuji, May 24, 2010.

  1. Louisiana Wants To Put You In Jail If You Embarrass Anyone Under 17 Years Old Online | Techdirt

    What the fuck?!:eek:

    RUN, 4CHAN, RUN!!!!!
  2. What's next? A tax on oxygen?
  3. Some people are just retarded, like the people who came up with this bullshit.
  4. This is because of the stupid girl who killed herself like a town over from me. Dude she obviously had fuckin problems and i dont agree with bullying but she took it way to far.

  5. Fuck them little bitches from South Hadley!
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  7. Thats what im saying if you cant take a few words your just being a bitch. I got picked on all the time when i was younger but who the fuck cares. I just brush it off my soldiers and get on with my life because theres no sense drowning in that shit.
  8. anarchy plz
  9. Seems like just about any strip-mall ambulance chasing lawyer could successfully defend someone accused of breaking this "law."

    The first person to get "busted" will result in either the repeal or the non-enforcement of this idiotic attempt to strip individual freedom.
  10. well i'm glad i don't live in Louisiana
  11. The guy who proposed this bill was obviously was the one who would do something stupid, then get picked on.

    I love raging people online. One of the main factors why I love x-box live, and WoW.
  12. Or when people threaten to fly to your house to kick your ass lie people always whip out the tough guy card online.
  13. Hell yeah dude that's a classic. I actually use to play this Star Wars online game and I got about 2,000 pictures on my computer of times I raged people, and shit like that happen.
  14. I live in Louisiana.. its kinda sad to read this and not even know about it. But then again I'm only ever mean to younger people when they deserve it.. Why waste money trying to correct a problem that is incorrectable. Somthing so big as the intarwebz just cannot be controlled. Anyone who cares about anything will rise up and backlash.

    If he gets up, then we'll all get up!! IT'LL BE ANARCHY!!
  15. They should make laws strict on bullying in school. Kid's have to attend daily. If someone is being picked on over the internet just turn the fucking computer off. Problem solved.
  16. Could you imagine the profit if you fined all the Beiber haters? Louisiana would be rich.
  17. It's a good thing all of you are over 18.

    Ya bunch of queers.
  18. I saw something about this on CNN, online "TROLLS!" harm students, being online bullies. They seriously said that "these trolls can be stopped, and once these laws are enforced, they will be stopped", I lol'd and trolled some dead facebook kids groups. Feels good man.
  19. I don't understand this crap.

    I'm willing to bet that 90% of the time the people who end up hurting themselves or others because of bullying are the people with underlying problems that needed to be addressed long before the bullying even took place.

    Instead of punishing people and putting them in jail for things they are say to others over the internet, why not focus that energy into helping those that need it?

  20. Or ge your parents and go beat the bully and his family up?


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